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What does the acronym "IDC" mean on the front page of the computer market ?


The research firm IDC (International Data Corporation) has just published its overview of the global personal computer market, for first quarter 2024. Investors seem to be the main target of this new report, which allows us to know which brands are selling the most PCs at the moment. Let's take stock.

PC market statistics for the first quarter of 2024

Market shares

Lenovo is now the world number one, closely followed by HP. Macs and Asus remain behind, despite their customer satisfaction rate often better than the competition. For Cupertino, this could be explained by a price positioning that is far too expensive for most of the general public.

  • Lenovo& nbsp;: 23 %
  • HP Inc : 20.1 %
  • Dell Technologies: 15.5%
  • Apple (Mac): 8.1%
  • Acer Group: 6.2%
  • Asus: 6.1%
  • other brands of computers: 21.1%

Number of computers sold over the period

  • Lenovo : 13.7 million’ units
  • HP Inc : 12 million units
  • Dell Technologies  : 9.3 million units
  • Apple: 4.8 million units
  • Acer Group: 3.7 million units
  • Asus: 3.6 million units
  • other brands of computers: 12.6 million units
  • total& nbsp;: 59.8 million units

One-year progression over the year other

In comparison with the first quarter of 2023.

  • Lenovo: 7.8%%
  • HP Inc: 0.2% ;nbsp;%
  • Dell Technologies: -2.2%
  • Apple ( Mac): 14.6%
  • Acer Group: 9.2%
  • Asus: -4.5%
  • other computer brands: -5%
  • total: 1.5%%

The market is therefore growing again, with a phenomenal decline during the crisis. This in turn combined the rise in prices linked to inflation, the shortage of chips within the eastern production circuit, the conflicts in Eastern Europe and the coronavirus pandemic.

IDC : a source for investors

IDC is a relatively reliable source, which now publishes each quarter its study on computer sales around the world. However, this is not the only data closely monitored by the firm, since the latter is also interested in the smartphone market, and in particular second-hand models.

International Data Corporation was founded by Patrick Joseph McGovern in 1964, and is part of a parent company with operations on several continents. International Data Group (IDG) is owned by Blackstone, and also owns media like MacWorld or PCWorld. In 2001, IDG, headed by Genevieve Juillard, was listed among the hundred best companies to work for, by the specialized magazine Fortune. Today, you can also follow Glassdoor to refine the subject.

The competition is not far behind

To create your investment thesis, always keep in mind that such statistics remain hypothetical. That said, be aware that you can also look at data from many other sources, competing with IDC, to find out more about the sales figures of computer brands. On the general firm side, we can notably cite here the case of Counterpoint Research and Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP), which are also interested in the mobile sector.

For subcontracting, Display Supply Chain Consultants (DSCC) and its manager Ross Young are a benchmark today. Their predictions are notably published on the CEO's X account, which knows a lot about the production of panels for high-end iPhones. Ming-Chi Kuo is also one of the flagship analysts for their manufacturer, Apple, alongside Bloomberg journalist Mark Gurman.

Otherwise, do not hesitate to also subscribe to the estimates of investment banks like JP Morgan or Morgan Stanley. Their researchers also regularly share bets which later turn out to be rather correct.

  • IDC is a firm that publishes studies on the state of the computer market
  • According to figures from the IDC firm, Lenovo is today the world leader in this sector
  • Apple is only fourth but is experiencing the strongest year-on-year growth
  • You can also follow Counterpoint Research or Consumer Intelligence Research Partners for your investments

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