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Starlink deploys its constellation to connect directly to smartphones

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While it already offers a solution for homes that do not have access to optical fiber, Starlink is in the process of setting up a new service which will also allow a 4G connection in white areas that are not covered by the operators. Called Direct to Cell, this new offering should debut this year. But, in order to offer this new service, Starlink will have to deploy new satellites specially equipped to connect directly to the modems of mobile devices.

A few days ago, SpaceX deployed a group of 21 satellites, which includes 6 satellites intended for direct connection of the Starlink service with smartphones. And, according to the explanations of Michael Nicolls, vice president of engineering at Starlink, with this launch, with this launch, SpaceX officially begins the deployment of the commercial constellation for direct connection to smartphone.

Previously, SpaceX's vice president of Falcon launchers, Jon Edwards, indicated that the company's goal is to launch the new service by the month of ;#8217;August. Initially, Starlink will only support texting on smartphones. But, from next year, Direct to Cell should also allow you to make calls and have a mobile data connection.

Direct to Cell from Starlink: conclusive tests

Before this official deployment, Starlink has already launched a group of satellites capable of connecting to smartphones, to test its technology. And we can say that these tests were conclusive. Indeed, SpaceX was able to send text messages, make a publication on other mobile satellite connection services, Starlink does not require any special software or modification on the smartphone. Indeed, SpaceX has developed technology that allows its Direct to Cell satellites to simulate traditional telecommunications infrastructures. Therefore, as long as a device is compatible with 4G, it is compatible with Direct to Cell.

However, the objective of this service is not not to replace mobile telephone operators, but to complement their networks. Moreover, to deploy Direct to Cell, SpaceX is working with operators.

  • Starlink is moving forward with its project to provide a service that allows connection via satellites directly to smartphones, through 4G
  • After successfully completing its tests, 6 new “Direct to Cell” satellites were launched this April
  • SpaceX wants to start offering this new Starlink service by the end of August
  • At first it will only support texting, but calls and mobile data will arrive as early as 2025

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