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What happens if you fall into a black hole ?

Among the most fascinating objects in the cosmos, black holes are shrouded in mystery. Although it is not desirable to attempt such an experiment, one can wonder what would happen if one fell into a black hole…

Black holes are curiosities of the Universe that fascinate and are the subject of multiple fantasies. Never approached closely, but many times theorized by physics and mathematics, they are present like true cosmic monsters sucking up everything in their path, hence not even the light can reach us. extract yourself. If it seems impossible to get out of this type of object, ' what it would be like for a person to fall into a black hole ?

If you imagine that you were jumping feet first into a black hole, the force of attraction that would apply to you would cause you to fall into a black hole. your feet would be much stronger than that experienced by your head. In other words, your feet would be sucked into the black hole much faster than your upper body, located in the black hole. further from the center of the hole. Your body would then be stretched. in length &agrav; the way of a spaghetti as described by some astrophysicists. This phenomenon would be particularly true for the smallest black holes whose section is narrower than that of supermassive black holes. But before you turn into spaghetti, your body would be subjected to à the extremely high temperature which reigns around the black hole. An unenviable ending, even if it involves advancing science!

What happens if you fall into a black hole ?

What would a spectator see located at the same time? &agrav; distance from the black hole at the time whenù you would fall into it ? The physics of black holes is complex and if we have not yet pierced it' all their secrets, scientists are able to predict some of their behaviors. Thus, a friend placed &agrav; a good distance from the stage and who would attend your fall would not see you quickly sink into the cosmic monster. On the contrary, the fall would seem infinitely slow….

Indeed, black holes have the particularity of to distort space-time around them. The light reflected by your body would also be sucked up by the black hole and would have more and more difficulty being absorbed. extract itself from it to reach the eyes of a spectator. You would then seem to fall infinitely to the people who would attend. the scene. Once past the limit where even light can no longer escape the black hole, your image would freeze for them, and they would not see the end of your fall.

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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