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What is the 6/1 technique which allows you to divide the shopping budget by 2 ?

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Faced with rising inflation which leaves no supermarket aisle unscathed, finding tips to reduce expenses while maintaining a balanced diet has become a real challenge.

Among the strategies aimed at saving money each month, the 6/1 technique straight from the United States is enjoying phenomenal success. Popularized by American chef Will Coleman on TikTok, this method promises to halve the food budget, without sacrificing the quality or diversity of meals. But how exactly does it work ? And is it really within everyone's reach ?

The recipe for success& nbsp;: the 6/1 method explained

The 6/1 technique is based on a principle of race planning that is both simple and structured. The idea is to purchase a specific amount of ingredients divided into six food categories: six vegetables, five fruits, four protein sources, three types of starchy foods, two sauces or condiments, and a “pleasure” product. This list is not trivial; it was designed to maximize the diversity and nutritional balance of meals, while minimizing costs and food waste.

By moving away as much as possible from processed products, which are often more expensive and less healthy, the 6/1 method allows you to compose varied, nutritious and tasty meals. According to Coleman, such an organization of food purchases promotes thoughtful and economical consumption, making it possible to prepare an entire week's worth of meals without overconsumption or unnecessary expenses.


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Substantial savings and reduced waste

The promise to halve the cost of fares may seem ambitious, but it is supported by concrete testimonies. A BuzzFeed journalist, who experimented with the method, reported a significant reduction in the average cost per meal, from $5.85 to $2.85. More surprising again, a basket strictly respecting the principles of 6/1 made it possible to prepare not five, but eight dinners for two people, with enough leftovers for lunches.

Beyond the financial savings, this technique also has a positive impact on the reduction of food waste. By buying just what&# 8217;it is necessary and by using all the ingredients in a creative way, we avoid throwing away uneaten food.

Advantages and limits of the 6/1 method< /h3>

The 6/1 technique is attractive for its simplicity and effectiveness, but it is not perfect either. Although it encourages culinary creativity and meal diversity, it requires a minimum of cooking skills and good planning skills. In addition, this method may require an adjustment in eating habits, which may not be suitable for all consumer profiles.

However, its adaptability is also one of his strengths. The distribution of food categories can be modified according to specific preferences and needs, providing a solid foundation for a healthy and economical diet.

Finally, let us emphasize that the 6/1 method will allow big savings in households accustomed to processed products. If you're already used to cooking with unprocessed ingredients, reorganizing your shopping will still save you money, but to a lesser extent.

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  • The 6/1 technique, popular in the United States, suggests cutting the shopping budget in half by planning purchases around six food categories
  • By focusing on fresh foods and avoiding waste, it allows you to prepare varied meals at reduced cost
  • This technique, however, requires cooking and planning skills
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