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While it knocks out the competition on performance, the Segway Max G2 is also at -40%

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Forget electric scooters costing 100 or 200 euros: they are not expensive but above all they are dangerous. Between cars, buses, scooters and other vehicles on the road, you have to know how to play it safe. This is why we recommend going on more expensive but also more reliable scooters.

This is the case for example of the new Segway Max G2 which offers good power, resistant tires, generous suspensions, an anti-skid system, better stability and even indicators to indicate the direction. For the AliExpress anniversary operation, .

AliExpress is unbeatable during this operation which is the most important for it in the year. You have crazy prices on all the most high-end products – from the iPhone 15 type smartphone to Roborock robot vacuum cleaners and this latest generation Ninebot electric scooter. This model comes with warranty and ships in less than 24 hours to give you full satisfaction. If necessary, you have 14 days to withdraw.

The key points of this scooter

But what differentiates a low-end electric scooter from a high-end model?? First of all, it's ;is the solidity and reliability of the product. Here you have a Segway scooter that comes with 10-inch tubeless tires with a layer of jelly that already allows you to avoid punctures while passing on roads that are not necessarily flat.

To avoid unpleasant surprises, you also have a hydraulic suspension at the front and a spring suspension at the rear to absorb shocks and facilitate the correct trajectory. A specific system allows you to have good stability, while patented technology allows you to avoid skidding (anti-slip) in an emergency. Note that turn signals are also present at the front and rear to indicate your direction to motorists.

On autonomy, Ninebot announces 70 km for this latest generation model: this obviously depends on the inclination of the roads you take. Note that the electric scooter can go up to 25 km/h which is the maximum speed limit imposed in France. In other countries, this same model can go up to 35 km/h.

Should you go for the Ninebot scooter ? The answer is yes – whether for occasional use or for daily use. It's a reliable and solid scooter that will allow you to maximize your safety while benefiting from flexibility in your driving. Above all, the current price (less than 500 euros) should not leave you hesitating: it's a nugget. Note that if the code AAFR120 (120 euros discount in addition to the basic reduction) no longer works, you can always fall back on the code AAFR80 (80 euros discount in addition to the basic reduction) to obtain a scooter not expensive.

To discover the Segway Max G2, go here:

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