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4 reasons to believe in the success of a The Sims movie

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It’s time to brush up on your simlish! Indeed, a The Sims film is in preparation. While we know almost nothing about this future feature film, opinions already differ. Some are excited, others fear the worst.

Yes, adapting a life simulation video game is risky. Yes, The Sims doesn't have a story, it's the players who create it. But it’s precisely this freedom that makes us think that a The Sims movie might be a good idea. Other elements lead us to believe in this project. Although it is still in its infancy, the film The Sims could be a hit in theaters if all goes well. We'll explain.

1) Freedom!

In The Sims, there isn't really a specific objective: you create your own stories with the sole aim of keeping your Sims alive and meeting their needs. You can create a sumptuous villa or recreate your childhood home, find the job of your dreams, live a passionate love story, talk to aliens… The possibilities are endless. The Sims is about being able to do everything and nothing at the same time.

Announcing the adaptation of a video game saga that has no real story is funny. But precisely! Adaptations, whether we are talking about video games or books, always suffer from comparison with the base material. It's inevitable. “It’s better brought into the video game”, “they cut this passage from the book”…

With no plot to stick to, the film The Simsremoves a thorn from his side. For the moment, we do not know if the film will focus on the life of a Sim plagued by existential questions or if the adaptation will tell us the story of a pre-existing Sim in the saga, like the iconic Bella Goth, whose mysterious disappearance animates the players.

2) Video game adaptations are no longer purges

There was a time when the announcement of an adaptation of a video game made our teeth cringe. It must be said that for a long time, film adaptations of video games seemed to be stricken with an agonizing curse as they were so bad and disappointing.

But in recent years, directors seem to have found the recipe to offer us adaptations worthy of the name. Last year alone, The Last of Us and Super Mario Bros. showed us that video game adaptations could be relevant. Arcane, Cyberpunk: Edgerunners, Uncharted< /em>, Halo or Pokémon: Detective Pikachu are examples of good adaptations.

3) The Sims, one of the most popular video games in the world

All almost everyone has already played Sims. While the first game was released over two decades ago, the success of Sims still stands. We are talking about a saga available in 60 countries, with more than 200 million units sold worldwide, more than 70 million players and more than 1.6 billion Sims created.

It's been over 20 years since The Simsfascinate many players. We imagine that many of them are excited, or simply curious, at the idea of ​​seeing a film dedicated to their favorite video game universe on the big screen. Enough to make sure you bring people together in the dark rooms.

4) Margot Robbie in production

Finally, the production company LuckyChap will be in charge of the film The Sims. Margot Robbie will therefore be the producer of this film adaptation, and it smells really good. Margot Robbie seems to have flair and chooses her projects well. Last year, she helped produce several hits, such as Barbie and Saltburn. The actress also produced Me, Tonya, Promising Young Women or Birds of Prey.

According to Variety, Kate Herron will direct The Sims, who already directed the first season Loki, a few episodes of Sex Education and who will direct an episode of season 2 of The Last of Us. She will be able to count on Briony Redman to co-write the screenplay, with whom she has already worked on an episode of Doctor Who. Promising…

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