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What to eat to have a healthy brain ?

Memory, concentration, reactivity… Food plays a vital role in the maintenance and proper functioning of the brain. Here is the ideal meal to boost your abilities.

The brain needs exercise and sleep to function well, but it also needs a good diet to be boosted. Specific nutrients are necessary to protect it and avoid certain failures. Their consumption must remain reasonable and balanced. Obviously, certain foods, especially if consumed in excess, are not recommended, such as alcohol, sodas, processed foods, etc. eacute;s, fried foods… To increase one's cognitive abilities, such as memory or concentration for example, other foods are, & ;agrave; the reverse, & privilege.

As a starter, avocado can be a good choice. Rich in magnesium, it can contribute to the proper functioning of the brain and helps to improve the functioning of the brain. &agrav; his well-being. Then, for the main course, fish is recommended. and in particular small fatty fish such as sardines, herring or mackerel. They contain DHA and EPA, which are part of the Omega 3 family. the effective transmission of nervous messages. "It is essential to favor small oily fish because large ones, like salmon, are more polluted in themselves ;heavy levels that can affect the nervous system. It is recommended “eat two per week”, advises Garence Naigeon, dietician-nutritionist, with Notre Temps.

What to eat to have a healthy brain ?

Spices can add flavor to the dish. Uma Naidoo, psychiatrist nutritionist and professor at Harvard Medical School in the United States, explained in an interview à BBC Mundo that spices such as turmeric or saffron help to rehabilitate reduce anxiety and protect the brain. This fish can be accompanied  of vegetables & green leaves like spinach, kale and or lettuce, which contain vitamin E, B9, carotenoids and flavonoids that prevent cognitive decline. ;

For dessert, you can opt for fruits and more specifically berries such as blueberries, blackberries, currants… Very rich in antioxidants, they can prevent cellular aging. It is possible to finish with a chocolate touch if it is dark chocolate, with a cocoa content of at least 70%. This provides energy, helps to keep your body healthy and healthy. concentration, allows muscles to relax and it is an excellent source of iron. Don't hesitate to either. finish with a little tea green, a very effective anti-stress.

If after this meal you still feel a little peckish, for a snack, you can choose dried fruits such as grapes, almonds, nuts. Rich in Minerals, they help improve the capabilities of the brain. They also do not make you gain weight. Uma Naidoo recommends consuming a quarter of a cup daily. 

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