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What we know about the woman who made a terrorist threat in Paris and was injured by a police shooting

“What we know about the woman who made a terrorist threat in Paris and was injured by police shooting”

The police opened fire in Bibliothèque François Mitterrand station, at Paris, this Tuesday October 31. She intervened after the report of a woman advocating terrorism and threatening to blow herself up. This woman's vital prognosis is compromised.

An intervention and a police shot. This Tuesday, October 31, the presence of a woman uttering threats and advocating terrorism was revealed. reported in a RER C train traveling towards the Paris region. The police intervened in the Bibliothèque François Mitterrand station and isolated the student. the individual in the station emptied of all its travelers. A member of the police fired once in front of him. the woman who refused to comply.

Wounded in the stomach, the author of the threats was killed. taken care of and evacuated by the firefighters to be taken to the hospital and emergency surgery. His vital prognosis is engaged.

What happened? ?

The woman was spotted for the first time at the Villeneuve-le-Roi station and was subsequently discovered. reported to twice by RER C users who described “strange and suspicious behavior”. They described “a lady who wore a full veil, who made a number of threatening comments, talking about committing an attack, using words like 'you're all going there' pass, 'Allahou akbar', 'boom' according to the Paris police chief, Laurent Nunez, who spoke about the situation. at a press conference at midday.

This person was isolated in the François Mitterrand Library station by security agents. of the SNCF before the intervention of the police. Once there, the police addressed several summons to pay; the suspicious woman asking him to "not move" and to “show one's hands”, wearing the full veil prevents the police from detecting the presence of a weapon. The woman then made aggressive comments towards her. jihadist connotation according to the police chief and refused to accept to comply with injunctions. One of the police officers, fearing for his safety, and those of his colleagues, “made a unique use of his weapon with fire" indicated the Paris prosecutor's office.

The threatening woman already condemned

Identity The identity of the author of the threats is still being verified, said the Paris police chief. But depending on the identity that she gave upon admission to At the hospital, the woman would be aged 38 and known to the intelligence services but would not appear among the individuals on the S file.

However, this person has "already" Summer condemned" for having uttered threats to against soldiers mobilized for the sentinel operation said: the government spokesperson, Olivier Véran, during a press point. The police chief clarified that that the facts date back to 2021 and that this woman had appeared threatening with a screwdriver in her hand and had made comments to “religious character”. First placed in custody. seen, she had finally been seen. interned due to psychiatric disorders. The psychological state of the author of the threats must  new to be studied.

Among the comments made by the woman to At the origin of the threats, some warned of an explosive device. The woman notably "threatened" to blow yourself up" according to the prosecution and to “blow everything up” according to the independent journalist Clément Lanot. After checking the premises, particularly by the mine clearance services, no explosive object was found. found.

Two open investigations

Two surveys were carried out. open to following the police operation at the Bibliothèque François Mitterrand station. The first was entrusted to the Paris judicial police for apology, death threats and acts of intimidation against a representative of the authority public. For the moment the national anti-terrorism prosecution has not been prosecuted. grasped. The second investigation comes down to IGPN and was open for the leader of “voluntary violence with a weapon by person holding the authority” public. On this point, Olivier Véran ensured that that "the police were equipped with pedestrian cameras" whose images can help the investigation, as well as in the video surveillance of the Bibliothèois Mitterrand station.

The security of reinforced facing the terrorist threat

After the intervention of the police, a police system is still in place at the site. the Bibliothèque-François-Mitterrand station. The latter is also “not served in both directions of traffic until the end of the road”. 4:00 p.m. warns the SNCF on the RER C Twitter page.

This terrorist threat comes at a time when France is placed in “attack emergency”, the highest level of emergency. of the Vigipirate plan, since October 13 and the terrorist attack that occurred in a high school in Arras. And the fear of the terrorist threat has been heightened. reinforced by threats and false alarms the bomb dropped in schools or airports in the last two weeks.

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