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When Netflix impacts the libido of young French people

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A few months ago, a study conducted by the University of California revealed that more and more young people are tired of sex scenes in films and series. They want to see a little more friendship and platonic relationships on their screens.

After years of hypersexuality in abundance, the French show a certain lack of interest in sex. According to an Ifop study, carried out in collaboration with the sextech brand Lelo, the sexual activity of French men and women has been in clear recession for around fifteen years. Which is certainly not unrelated to the birth rate which is in free fall in France.

While 24% of French people have not had sexual intercourse in the last 12 months, compared to only 9% in 2006, it is obvious that morals have changed. The increasingly strong presence of video streaming platforms, social networks and even video games in our daily lives does not help to improve these statistics. To carry out its study, Ifop interviewed nearly 2,000 people aged over 18, living in France.

Less sex, more leisure

Watching the new series on Netflix or the latest film that's a hit on Prime Video, scrolling on social networks, playing video games or reading a novel or a press article… The French sometimes have better things to do do than engage in sexual intercourse. According to the Ifop study, 31% of inhabitants of France have avoided sexual intercourse in favor of one of these forms of leisure.

The figure is even higher impressive when we look at people under 35 in couples who live under the same roof. Indeed, 50% of young men would prefer to watch a series or film on Netflix (or more generally on television) rather than make love, compared to 41% of young women.

Although the expression “Netflix & chill”, designating a relaxing evening in front of the streaming platform but whose outcome is clearly naughty, has become very widespread in recent years, it seems that younger people now prefer Netflix to “chill”.

In addition to a prioritized interest in leisure activities, the French attach less importance to sexuality. This may be linked to asexuality, which is an increasingly accepted sexual orientation, or even a deconstruction (slowly but surely) of marital duty, which has long weighed on the French, particularly women. Movements like #MeToo have certainly also borne fruit.

As François Kraus, director of the “Gender, sexualities and sexual health” center at Ifop, points out, this study indicates we are entering “a new cycle where the constraint to have a sexual life to have “pleasure” or “like everyone else” becomes less strong”.

< p>Ifop study for LELO carried out by self-administered online questionnaire from December 29, 2023 to January 2, 2024 with a sample of 1 911 people, representative of the elderly French population 18 years and over

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