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Where to buy the Samsung Galaxy S24 and Galaxy S24+ at the best price ? Our guide

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In 2024, the general public is increasingly interested in high-end smartphones, with the best features on the market. And for this segment, Samsung formalized, on January 17, its new Galaxy S24 series, whose basic models are the Galaxy S24 and the Galaxy S24+. As usual, if these two models have a less advanced technical sheet than the S24 Ultra, they nevertheless have many convincing arguments, for a more reasonable price. They are more or less the same models, but to have a larger screen, you will have to opt for the S24+.

As you will see in this guide to buying the Galaxy S24 and S24+ at the best price, these two models maintain Samsung's visual language, when it comes to design. However, compared to the 2023 models, they benefit from significant hardware improvements.

Moreover, with the S24 and S24+, Samsung brings lots of new features based on artificial intelligence, in part through a collaboration with Google. If you want to take advantage of all these new features, we offer you this guide which allows you to see the characteristics of the Galaxy S24 and Galaxy S24+ more closely, and to compare prices to get a better offer.

The Galaxy S24 series was presented by Samsung at a conference on January 17. Pre-orders are possible from January 17 to January 30. And this is on sale from January 31. You can order the Galaxy S24 directly here:

Guide to buy Galaxy S24

The best price. Below we also offer you a table comparing the offers to buy the Galaxy S24 at the best price:

Nevertheless, if you want the same smartphone, but with a larger screen, we suggest the Galaxy S24+. Here is an overview of the advantages of this new XXL smartphone from Samsung:

The strong points of the Galaxy S24+

  • A 6.7-inch screen with QHD+ resolution
  • Improved performance compared to S23+
  • New features based on artificial intelligence

< p>As the screen characteristics are not the same (nor the size of the smartphone), there is a price gap between the Galaxy S24 and the Galaxy S24+. A discrepancy which is however justified. Here is the price list of the Galaxy S24+ at French resellers:

Before buying the Galaxy S24 or the Galaxy S24+ at the best price, you can also see the advantages of these Samsung flagships up close. And in this guide, we invite you to explore the main elements of the technical sheet.

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It is natural to seek to know the strong points of a smartphone before buying it, even when it is at the best price. And in this guide to buying the Galaxy S24 and Galaxy S24+ from Samsung, we offer you a short summary of these strong points.

Galaxy S24 and S24+& nbsp;: artificial intelligence makes your life easier

With the S24 series, Samsung finally brings a good dose of artificial intelligence to its smartphones. Whether you choose the Galaxy S24 or the Galaxy S24+, the Korean giant allows you to benefit from new “Galaxy AI” features that simplify everyday life. Among these features, there is an instant translator that will allow you to communicate with other people by message, call or face-to-face. At launch, this feature supports 13 languages. Samsung also offers another feature which, using generative AI, allows you to rephrase your text messages by making them more professional, more relaxed, etc.

To save time, when you are on a site or app, you can circle an element on the screen to quickly search for that element, via Google Lens. A feature called Web Assistant allows you to have a summary of an article so you don't have to read everything. And still in terms of productivity, the Galaxy S24 and the Galaxy S24+ have a Dictaphone app which transcribes audio recordings, recognizes different voices and can even generate a summary of meetings. Likewise, written notes can also be analyzed by artificial intelligence to generate summaries.

Increased performance and a longevity of 7 years

We continue this guide to buy the Samsung Galaxy S24 and Galaxy S24+ at the best price with performance. Like every year, Samsung equips its high-end smartphones with new processors. The Galaxy S24 and Galaxy S24+ are equipped with an Exynos 2400 chip, designed directly by Samsung. This is a new component which was presented by the company in October 2023 and which is intended for the flagships of 2024. Compared to the Exynos chip of the Galaxy S22, this benefits from an increase of 70% ;nbsp;% CPU performance, and a 14.7x increase in artificial intelligence processing. The GPU, for its part, is based on AMD's RDNA3 architecture.

In summary, with this chip, Galaxy S24 and Galaxy S24+ users should have no performance concerns, even for the most demanding mobile games. On the Galaxy S24, this chip comes with 8GB RAM and on the S24+, it comes with 12GB RAM. Additionally, to avoid overheating issues that can reduce performance, Samsung equips the two smartphones with a vapor chamber which facilitates the dissipation of the heat emitted by the device.

On the software side, Samsung has also pulled out all the stops since for the For the first time, the manufacturer is offering smartphones that have a software lifespan of 7 years. On the hardware side, Samsung claims a repairability index of 8.5/10. And normally, the Galaxy S24 and Galaxy S24+ should not get damaged easily. Indeed, the front is protected by Gorilla Glass Armor and the whole thing is waterproof, certified IP68.

Camera: perfect for social networks

As usual, Samsung offers perfectly decent cameras for high-end smartphones. On the back, the Galaxy S24 and Galaxy S24+ feature cameras with the following configurations:

  • Main module: 23 mm (f/1.8); OIS; 50 megapixel sensor
  • Ultra wide-angle: 13 mm (f/2.2); 12 megapixels
  • Telephoto: 3x optical; 69mm (f/2.4); 10-megapixel sensor
  • On the front, there is a 12-megapixel sensor for selfies.

Where to buy the Samsung Galaxy S24 and Galaxy S24+ at the best price ? Our guide

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One of the big innovations offered by Samsung is its collaboration with different platforms, including Meta, Snapchat and TikTok. Thanks to this collaboration, the quality of photos and videos is optimal when taken with the photo or video features of these apps. Result: to post good photos or videos (for example, to take advantage of HDR), it is no longer essential to use the smartphone camera application.

Otherwise, Samsung also offers new features based on AI. For photos stored in the gallery, the smartphone will automatically suggest edits. And thanks to a collaboration with Google, the Galaxy S24 and Galaxy S24+ also offer “generative editing” functionality. When cropping, this can recreate the background on lost areas.

Improved screens

< p>The screen is one of the elements that most differentiate the Galaxy S24 and the Galaxy S24+. Indeed, the S24 only has a 6.2-inch screen with Full HD+ resolution. For its part, the Galaxy S24+ has a 6.7-inch screen with QHD+ resolution. But on both smartphones, the user benefits from a screen with a variable refresh rate from 1 fps to 120 fps and a maximum brightness of 2  600 nits (a clear improvement compared to the 2023 models) .

Where to buy the Samsung Galaxy S24 and Galaxy S24+ at the best price ? Our guide

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Much improved battery life

Furthermore, Samsung has also made a big effort on autonomy. On the Galaxy S24, equipped with a 4,000 mAh battery, autonomy has been increased by 4 hours, compared to the Galaxy S23. And on the Galaxy S24+, equipped with a 4,900 mAh battery, this autonomy increases by 4.5 hours, compared to the Galaxy S23+. However, to benefit from real fast charging, it would be better to choose the S24+, since it supports charging at 45 W (compared to 25 W for the S24).

< p>Thanks to this guide to buying the Samsung Galaxy S24 and the Samsung Galaxy S24+ at the best price, you now have everything you need to choose between these two models. Currently the best price to buy the .

And the best price to buy the.

It is important to note that Samsung has made an effort on its prices. To push sales, the Korean giant has in fact decided to lower the prices of the Galaxy S24 and Galaxy S24+, compared to those of the Galaxy S23 and Galaxy S23+ when they are launched in 2023. Otherwise, as prices may vary depending on the brands, here, for information only, are the prices announced by Samsung.

  • Galaxy S24 128 GB: 899 euros
  • Galaxy S24 256 GB: 969 euros
  • Galaxy S24+ 256 GB: 1 169 euros
  • Galaxy S24+ 512 GB: 1 289 euros

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