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Galaxy AI: is Samsung already considering a paid offer ?

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On January 17, Samsung finally made its new Galaxy S24 series official. This is an important launch for the Korean giant which, in 2023, was overtaken by Apple for the first time. In addition, with these new smartphones, Samsung is entering the AI ​​race, since the Galaxy S24, the Galaxy S24+ as well as the Galaxy S24 Ultra have a number of new features boosted by artificial intelligence.

Smartphones powered by AI, but…

New features include an instant translator that supports texting and calling. The audio recordings are automatically transcribed and there is a feature that allows you to obtain the summary of a meeting from the recording of it. Samsung also offers a kind of writing assistance that allows you to rephrase text messages, to make them more professional, more relaxed, or more polite.

In summary , Samsung finally offers the “AI smartphones” that its fans have been impatiently waiting for. But before buying a Galaxy S24, a Galaxy S24+ or a Galaxy 24 Ultra, it is important to carefully read the information given by Samsung on its website. Indeed, at the bottom of the page, a note from the Korean giant suggests that after 2025, the AI-based features of the Galaxy S24 series could become chargeable. “Galaxy AI features will be provided free of charge on compatible Samsung Galaxy devices, at least until the end of 2025. The availability of AI features provided by third parties is subject to change”, may – we read on the site.

What is Samsung preparing ?

It is important to specify that the language used by Samsung does not allow us to say that the functionalities Galaxy S24 AI will become payable after 2025. But this clarification indicates that this change is possible. In any case, before purchasing the product, it is always important to know that Galaxy AI features may not be available for free for 7 years, which is the software lifespan of Galaxy S24 series models.

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Indeed, one of the big new features of Samsung is the duration of support. Like the latest Google Pixels, the S24 series will receive updates for at least 7 years after release. “Committed to extending the lifespan of its products, Samsung will offer 7 generations of OS updates and 7 years of security updates for the Galaxy S24 Series”, Samsung says in its announcement.

  • Samsung has developed many AI-based features for the Galaxy S24 series and this is one of its main selling points
  • But a note at the bottom of the page, on the manufacturer's website, indicates that it is possible that these features will no longer be free after 2025
  • Yet, like Google's Pixel 8, the Galaxy S24 series will have a very long lifespan
  • Samsung has committed to providing updates for these devices for 7 years

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