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Spotify, Apple Music: why the price of your subscription may increase ?

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The elected representatives of the European Parliament spoke out this Wednesday in favor of a resolution on the subject of music streaming. MEPs start from the observation that this is the main method of listening at the moment, but that no European regulations govern this sector and its dysfunctions.

What does this text provide ?

Concretely, the proposal aims in particular to support European artists so that they are not drowned under the overwhelming quantity of content on the services. In this regard, the imposition of quotas is not excluded. The idea is also to review the royalty system which forces certain professionals to accept tiny remuneration, or even none, to obtain better exposure on the platforms.

The Content generated by AI is also in the sights of elected officials. They want Spotify and its rivals to report whether the technology was used to create a song that imitates an artist without obtaining their permission.

Likewise, and based on the model of what is imposed on Web giants by the DSA, streaming platforms would be asked to be transparent about the operation of their recommendation algorithms. The idea being to avoid absolute domination by the major record companies and the most fashionable stars.

Will customers pay the price for these measures& nbsp;?

Quoted by our colleagues from The Verge, the socialist MEP and rapporteur of this text, Ibán García del Blanco, welcomed its adoption: “Parliament gives voice to the concerns of European creators, who are at the heart of the streaming market musical”.

He adds:

This is why we are calling for rules that ensure the transparency of algorithms and recommendation tools used by music streaming services, as well as the use of intelligence tools artificial, by placing European authors at the center.

However, there is still a long way to go before such measures are applied. This resolution is in fact not legislative and it is rather an appeal to the European Commission to take up the matter.

It is so far too early to have a clear opinion on this subject. However, it is possible that these rules will increase the prices of music streaming platforms. If they are forced to pay artists better, they will indeed be tempted to pass this cost on to their clients.

What you need to remember:

  • The European Parliament adopted a resolution on music streaming
  • The idea is to regulate the activity of services and better protect European artists
  • This vote does not will have no short-term consequences

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