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Which indicator to use when entering a roundabout ? Too many motorists make the same mistake

“Which indicator to use when entering a roundabout? Too many motorists make the same mistake”

Using the turn signal in a roundabout is essential, but far too many motorists make the same mistake.

Arriving near a roundabout can be quite stressful for many motorists. The flow of vehicles in a roundabout direction, most of the time offering three or four different exits to road users, requires that road users have to take advantage of this. make decisions in a short enough period of time to fit properly into the line of cars and then get out. To help users à To anticipate the direction taken by other vehicles in a roundabout, using the turn signal is essential. Unfortunately, a certain number of motorists neglect the use of this light signaling device. And among those who use it, many make a mistake.

It must be said that over time, we forget certain good practices learned when passing our driving license. This is undoubtedly why it is quite common to observe quite different behaviors around a roundabout. Among the mistakes made, one comes up particularly often. It concerns vehicles which wish to take the opposite exit, in other words those which wish to continue straight. For example, what do you do when you want to go straight into a roundabout? You take the right lane, the left lane, activate the right turn signal, the left lane… ;?

Too often drivers activate their left indicator when entering the roundabout and then activate the right indicator when they exit. However, this is not what the Highway Code stipulates. When a motorist decides to go straight, At no time should he put on his indicator when entering the roundabout. And this is once after having passed the the first exit, or even the second if there are two on the right, that he will have to activate his right indicator to indicate that he is # 39;primed & leave the roundabout. Along the same lines, a car going straight in a roundabout must take the right lane, the left lane being reserved for traffic. eacute to vehicles which are going to go three-quarters of the roundabout or make a U-turn (these are also the ones who must put their left indicator on). at the entrance to the roundabout).

The main purpose of turn signals is to warn other road users that the driver is planning to turn right. left or &agrav; right, change lanes or overtake. By using turn signals correctly, drivers can communicate effectively with others on the road, helping to improve their safety. security and &agrav; fluidity Traffic. Failure to use a turn signal is also an offense punishable by the Highway Code. It is characterized by a 2nd class fine, i.e. a fine of 35 euros less the fine. &agrav; 22 euros in the event of payment within 15 or 30 days and up to 75 euros if payment exceeds 45 or 60 days. It is accompanied by a deduction of 3 points on the driving license.

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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