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Parking in this city will soon cost a small fortune if your vehicle exceeds this weight

The price of parking will soon skyrocket in this city if your vehicle exceeds a certain weight.

Parking in certain cities in France is sometimes expensive, particularly in the larger ones. And things are certainly not going to get better in the future with regard to the various “anti-car” policies. which are blooming almost everywhere. In some cities, such as à In Paris, the war on motorized vehicles has been declared for some time now. It took another turn last weekend with the reference "for or against the creation of a specific rate for parking heavy, bulky, polluting individual cars."

If very few voters felt concerned – only 5.6% moved – 55% of voters sided with elected officials from the town hall who wish to reduce car traffic in the streets of the capital. The affected vehicles have a three-letter name: SUV. The SUV, from the English Sport Utility Vehicle, combines the characteristics of a passenger car with those of a utility vehicle. They often have a taller body with a raised driving position, more robust suspension and capacity. loading capacity greater than that of sedans.

In less than ten years, SUVs have become extremely popular to the point that today in France they represent almost one sale on two new vehicles. These are the types of vehicles that, from September 1, 2024 à Paris, and possibly later in other cities in France, will be very expensive in parking fees. In the 75, their price for parking will simply triple in the central districts to…18 euros per hour! It will be a little less but still very expensive – 12 euros – in the peripheral districts. This price increase will not apply to residents or professionals.

However, do all SUV owners know that they own an SUV, and conversely, do some think they are driving an SUV when they actually drive a vehicle from another segment which may resemble them, for example a minivan such as the Renault Scenic, the old Renault Espace models or even the Citroëeuml ;n Xsara Picasso. If you have any doubt, know that "SUV hunting" launched by certain municipalities is in fact a hunt for heavy vehicles because they are most often more polluting. And if you want to know if your vehicle is affected? by the increase & When it comes to parking rates, it's actually a problem. &agrav; its weight which must be referred to.

For a petrol, diesel or hybrid car, the price of parking in the center of Paris will increase from 6 à 18 euros per hour if your car weighs more than 1.6 tons. The threshold à do not exceed climbs to & 2 tonnes if it is an electric vehicle, heavier due to the significant weight of the battery. It's moreover ' Using a license plate reader, officers will be able to check the weight of parked cars and thus check whether the owner paid the price required when parking. To know the weight of a vehicle, nothing could be simpler, it is indicated: on his registration certificate opposite box G1. This is its weight. empty, therefore without any loading.

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