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Beware of this call, a company pretends to be Carglass and forces you to change your windshield

A new fraud is targeting motorists, this time it's a windshield scam.

When it comes to scams, criminals are never at fault. ideas course. The development of new technologies is also a boon for thugs who see the arrival of new processes as additional means of ;mentaries to shape their scams. We have also noted a clear increase in attempted scams against motorists for some time. A new technique has recently emerged in many regions of France.

This time, no fraudulent QR code to charge false parking or speeding fines, but a telephone canvassing which has surprised – and trapped – many car owners. What is it?? Some unscrupulous companies contact a motorist directly by telephone to tell them that there is a problem. he has to change the windshield of his vehicle.

To convince their interlocutor, the scammers explain that the car is more than three or four years old and that its windshield must therefore be replaced. To give more strength à their speech, scammers often pretend to be the company. Carglass – the No. 1 windshield repair company – or use a name that is closely related to it. sow confusion in the mind of the victim. Rather persuasive, even if that doesn't mean anything. use a somewhat threatening tone, the thugs then set up an appointment with the owner of the vehicle in order to replace a windshield which, however, is very damaged. good condition.

The deception sometimes works and victims pay hundreds of euros – replacing a windshield costs on average between 350 and 500 euros – &agrav; cause of lawless companies ready to take over invent any pretext to extort money. Faced with the very popular phenomenon, certain windshield repairers and several insurance companies have communicated about the situation. to warn their client. The Carglass company, for example, has put a number on its website. provision to be notified in the event of identity theft. ''We have put in place a tailor-made organization to take charge of these illicit maneuvers'', we can read on his blog. The companyé adds never to canvass by telephone and also promises to launch legal action immediately. against any person pretending to be her. dishonest purposes.

Generally speaking, if you have received this kind of call, keep in mind that: #39;a windshield does not have a limited lifespan. In addition, there are no regulations in France requiring it to be changed if it is in good condition. On the other hand, in the event of an impact on the window, it is strongly recommended to to have it repaired or replaced. During the technical inspection, & pass every two years from the moment your vehicle has passed the test. its fourth anniversary, an impact on the windshield measured between 3 and 5 centimeters requires a second inspection and the obligation to have it repaired within two months. If the chip exceeds 5 centimeters, it is a fault. review" and the vehicle must be immobilized.

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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