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Who is Berkail, the startup that wants to revolutionize the renovation of your home?

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In the real estate market, the satisfaction of owners when they have their homes renovated is sometimes mixed. This is where Berkail comes in, and this young start-up wants to be a breath of fresh air in the industry. The company was founded by Victor Danescu, later joined by Florentin Deleuze. Their vision is rather simple, but innovative: an approach centered on the customer, their personalization wishes and eco-responsibility.

The Berkail philosophy

Before founding Berkail, Victor Danescu worked in real estate development, a period where he observed rather glaring gaps in the renovation sector. He explains: “I noticed that there was a world of difference between new construction and renovation even though it is often one of the most expensive investments important things that we achieve inhis life”. An observation which goes in the same direction as an Ifop survey dating from 2021.

It was in that year that ;he launched his start-up in Marseille, initially under the name “Comment”, with the primary objective of putting the customer back at the center of his renovation project.

First point that sets them apart from the competition: the provision for customers of a personal online space. There is total transparency: consultation of quotes, management of orders, etc. Thanks to experience acquired with around twenty construction sites, Berkail has been able to refine its strategy, mainly concerning relations with construction companies and professionals in the sector.

Second central pillar of Berkail: eco-responsibility. For Victor Danescu, this is an aspect that is close to his heart. It highlights the importance of adopting low-carbon practices in renovation work. This is why the company is committed to using mainly biosourced, eco-responsible or even second-hand materials. Even if this specific aspect complicates the company's activity, it remains one of its spearheads.

The company's prospects

When Florent Deleuze arrived at Berkail last May, the company's development accelerated. For the moment, it occupies a space within the Cité Fab (coworking place) but is actively preparing to integrate Marseille Innovation, a start-up incubator.

For 2024, Berkail plans to raise fund which will be used to support an ambitious objective: for its turnover to reach two million euros. An expansion of the team is also in the company's plans. For Victor Danescu and Florent Deleuze, the renovation market indicators are green: the emergence of new environmental regulations for housing and a growing trend of rental in old buildings are positive signs for the sector. ;company.

Armed with its rather new vision, Berkail also counts on its robust network of brokers, interior designers and its numerous partnerships with craftsmen and companies construction to break into the industry. If it manages to correctly combine all its assets, it could position itself comfortably in the renovation sector.

  • Berkail is a Marseille start-up which seeks to modernize renovation real estate.
  • It is based on two pillars: putting the customer at the center of renovation projects and eco-responsibility.
  • The company aims to quickly reach a turnover of 2 million euros and will organize a fundraising campaign in 2024.

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