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AliExpress breaks the game with a Nintendo Switch OLED for... 259€!

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Haven't fallen for the Nintendo Switch OLED yet? Or are you looking for a second console for your children or your partner? This weekend, on the sidelines of the 11.11 commercial event, AliExpress has the solution and offers you an offer that cannot be refused. To take advantage of it, you will have to be extremely quick this Saturday at 9 a.m., using the FR50 coupon. And to maximize your chances:

The latest Nintendo Switch OLED is offered at a knockdown price on the e-commerce giant's website with a machine which is priced at for a very limited time. The perfect price to discover must-have games like the latest Super Mario Bros. now. Wonder, The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom or even the next Super Mario RPG.

For the “11.11” commercial event, AliExress is not kidding and is slashing the price of the Nintendo Switch OLED. To take advantage of the offer, click here:

AliExpress offers delivery within two weeks, with the possibility of having it delivered directly to your home or to a relay point. Of course, delivery is completely free. In addition to this, you benefit from the “free return” option which allows you to return your console free of charge if you are not satisfied with your order. You then have 15 days after receipt to return your console.

Concerning your Nintendo Switch OLED, the latter has a Nintendo manufacturer's warranty which allows you to be protected for two years against all possible problems that you may encounter with your console.

Switch OLED: the best console for this end of year?

It was therefore in October 2021 that Nintendo released the Switch OLED, the ultimate version of its latest console. The standard Switch is preparing to celebrate its seventh anniversary, but the console continues to appeal to gamers. With the OLED model, we are in possession of the best console from the Japanese manufacturer.

A hybrid console, which allows you to play in portable mode, on transport, at the office, at friends' houses… But also on your television, like traditional consoles. All you have to do is connect your Switch directly to your television via the dock (its charging station) included in your pack.

The Switch OLED is the best version of the Switch (available in standard and Lite version). The latter is equipped with a very beautiful OLED screen, larger than that of the normal Nintendo Switch and that of the Switch Lite. This screen offers you intense colors and high contrasts, allowing you to have a much better gaming experience when playing in portable mode.

And precisely, speaking of portable mode and “tabletop” mode which allows you to place your console on a flat surface to play it without holding it in your hands, the latter is greatly improved with this OLED Switch. On the standard console, you had a small, very unstable tab at the back of the machine. Now, with the Switch OLED, you have the right to a large adjustable support which replaces the small tab and which is much more stable and practical.

With this Nintendo Switch OLED, it will be easier to play online thanks to the new dock (charging station) of the console which is now equipped with an Ethernet port for more stable online play. This new version of the Switch has 64 GB of storage space, twice as much as the Standard and Lite models which were only allowed 32 GB of space.

On the audio side, this OLED Switch has integrated speakers offering improved audio when you play in portable and tabletop mode. As with the standard model, it is possible to play on a TV or in “tabletop mode” and share the detachable Joy-Con controllers to have fun with several people locally on the same machine.

For 11.11, AliExpress is not kidding and is slashing the price of this Switch with a new price of . Now is clearly the time to take advantage!

For the “11.11” commercial event, AliExress is not laughing and is slashing the price of the Nintendo Switch OLED. To take advantage of the offer, click here:


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