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Who is Mirakl, the champion of French Tech who wants to become a global e-commerce giant ?

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Mirakl is the latest French tech company to attack global e-commerce. The startup has indeed been successful for three years in the marketplace publishing segment – these e-commerce sites which offer items from other third-party sellers, like Amazon marketplace for example.

The firm has obviously chosen the right vein: in 2023, while the whole of tech is undergoing a period of turbulence, Mirakl is benefiting from sustained activity in marketplaces. In three short years, Mirakl has gone from being a potential nugget to a growing player that is developing internationally and is already thinking about diversifying its sources of income. A real Mirakle!

Why Mirakl is a French gem to watch closely

Very concretely, Mirakl supplies today& ;#8217;now a cloud-based solution to operate leading marketplaces. Its ecosystem is built around Mirakl Connect, a third-party seller database launched in 20219 – very easy to interface with existing e-commerce sites.

In 2023, the form launched Payout, software that simplifies payments from marketplace sellers. Then the same year Mirakl decided to buy and integrate Target2Sell – into its ecosystem. a targeting system that allows you to offer a personalized list of products to Internet users.

There is also Mirakl Ads, an advertising campaign management solution with particularly potential in terms of revenue generation. As well as three other management tools which form a suite of three platforms dedicated to e-commerce players.

As of 2020, Mirakl announces that it has attracted some 66 major players, including Carrefour, H&M Home, Decathlon and Kroger. Other foreign firms, notably Macy's in the United States, ended up choosing Mirakl's solution to manage their marketplace platform.

Today the SaaS Marketplace specialist has more than 450 clients, more than 20 billion visitors per month on the sites it publishes and generates a figure of &#8217 ;recurring business up 20% over the last year, to 160 million euros.

De facto the firm's accounts could already easily reach balance – and the presentation of annual results already suggests that the startup is preparing, in the medium term, for an IPO. But in this rapidly changing sector, Mirakl does not want to focus on just one activity – and continues to invest massively to establish itself as a lasting leader in its field.

The latest fundraising allowed Mirakl to raise 473 million euros. A figure to which must be added a credit of 100 million dollars taken out a few months ago. Enough to continue this success story shared by 750 employees around the world, and undoubtedly develop its international presence.

Mirakl, according to its LinkedIn page, already has offices on both sides of the Atlantic. In Europe, Mirakl is established in Paris and Bordeaux, but also Barcelona, ​​Munich and London. In the United States, Mirakl is located in Somerville, and in New York.

  • Mirakl is increasingly branding points in the e-commerce sector.
  • The firm has a string of good news thanks to a winning specialization in marketplaces.
  • < li>It continues to accelerate its development and today continues to diversify.

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