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Who is the man tried this Tuesday for death threats against the principal of the Maurice-Ravel high school ?

A young man is tried; Tuesday for having threatened of death on the internet the principal of the Maurice-Ravel high school. He incurs up to à 5 years of imprisonment.

A 26-year-old man must be tried this Tuesday April 23, 2024 à Paris for having threatened of death on the internet the principal of the Maurice-Ravel high school, after an altercation with a BTS student to get her to remove her veil &agrav; inside the high school. The man suspected of to have published on social networks a message threatening against the principal risks five years of imprisonment.

Death threats on social networks

À the origin of this widely publicized story, an altercation between the principal of the establishment and an adult student at school. First year of BTS. On Wednesday, February 28, it was around 3 p.m. when the principal crossed paths with three students wearing the veil in the high school. e public. According to information reported by the prosecution, the principal reminded them of the incident. their obligation to collect it within the school grounds. One of the three young women would then have been unaware of the incident. the head of the establishment, which would have led to the altercation. Very quickly, social networks took up the matter and death threats were issued. uttered against the head of the establishment

The brother of another high school student

The defendant, a 26-year-old man, is due to appear this Tuesday afternoon for "public provocation not followed by effect & ;agrave; commit willful harm à life". Placed under judicial control, he also faces a fine of 45,000 euros. He would have uttered: his threats after his sister told him about it. the facts. However, the version of the young girl, not a direct witness to the facts, was false according to the lawyer. The accused is suspected of being involved in the crime. to have published a message indicating: "this dog must be burned!" on social networks, according to Francis Lec, lawyer for the principal. 

Still according to Francis Lec, the defendant is none other than the brother of another & Student of the Maurice-Ravel high school. The principal will not be present at the criminal court. Since the altercation, he has left its functions. According to his successor, he had announced his departure for "security reasons". According to the rectorate, he would have benefited, his request, for an "early departureé" &agrav; retirement, planned for a few months later. 

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