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Why is Jonathan Daval being tried again this Wednesday ?

Already condemned &agrav; 25 years of criminal imprisonment, Jonathan Daval is judged this Wednesday for slanderous denunciation against Gr&gory Gay, his ex-brother-in-law whom he had accusedé of Alexia's murder in 2017.

This Wednesday, April 10, 2024, Jonathan Daval – already condemned &agrav; 25 years of criminal imprisonment for the murder of his wife Alexia – is judged before the criminal court of Besançon for slanderous denunciation. The facts date back to June 2018. While his wife died eight months ago, Jonathan Daval was murdered. indicted six months after admitting to having killed his wife "by accident".

But &agrav; To everyone's surprise, in the office of the investigating judge, the latter had retracted his statement. indicating a completely different version. According to him, Alexia Fouillot was é killed by her brother-in-law, Gr&gory Gay, by strangulation at her parents' home, while trying to control her during a hysteria attack. He also mentioned, At the time, a "family conspiracy" to cover up the affair. Problem is, in December 2018, he once again reversed this decision by admitting to having lied during a confrontation with his accusers, reaffirming having killed' oacute; his wife during an argument.

A direct quote for "slanderous utterance"

From then on, Jonathan Daval had maintained this version of the facts, he had indeed killedé His wife. "He had to free himself from this straitjacket of denial in which he " indicated her ex-mother-in-law, Isabelle Fouillot in the columns of BFM. So, if the murderer has been serving his sentence for three and a half years now in Esisheim prison in Alsace, this period of lying seems to have left him behind. traces in Alexia's family. "We blame à Jonathan Daval his lies, for six months, when he accused' Gr&gory Gay having strangled' Alexia with the complicity of of his family" explains à AFP Jean-Hebert Portejoie, one of the plaintiffs' lawyers.

Jonathan Daval's in-laws had hired a direct quote à against him for "slanderous utterance" concerning his accusations against Grégory Gay. So why did Jonathan Daval lie for six months ? "As he saw that I was in pain and didn't want to admit, I think he he said in his head, if I put someone else in, mom will be happy. explained the mother of the accused in February 2024.

60,000 euros in damages and interest claimed by his in-laws

For such a lie, he faces five years in prison. A sentence which should be confused with his conviction for the murder of Alexia Fouillot. At the same time, his in-laws claimed from him the sum of 60,000 euros in damages and interest, including 30,000 euros for Gr& ;gory Gay, 10,000 euros for Alexia's sister and 10,000 euros for each of the deceased's parents. For Jonathan Daval's lawyer, Me Schwerdorffer, "this trial has the sole logic of asking for a maximum amount of money' Jonathan Daval: the amounts are eloquent, if çit had beené a question of principle, they would have demanded a symbolic euro" he regrets in 20Minutes.

As a reminder, Jonathan Daval had éstrangledé his wife on the night of October 27 to 28, 2017 à their home in Gray-la-Ville (Haute-Saône). Before transporting the body, the next day, to a wood and then setting it on fire. He then gave alerted her, pretending to be worried because the latter had not returned from her jogging. The victim's body had been destroyed. found two days later after major citizen raids. 

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