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Why the series Friends is leaving Netflix and where to find it ?


Fans of Friends will have to get used to it. The legendary series will no longer be available on Netflix in France from July 1. But why is it leaving the streaming service, and where can we watch it in France?? We tell you everything.

It's just goodbye

The information was revealed by the site What's On Netflix , Friends will leave the French catalog of the platform from June 30, 2024. And you don't have to look far for the reasons for this departure. These are in fact broadcasting rights that these services are required to pay for given periods and territories.

In France, this series will therefore change broadcast space, and you will now have to go to Max, the new HBO service which will be launched in mid-June, specify our colleagues at Numerama. To find out more about this new actor, we invite you to reread our dedicated article.

If you are a Netflix subscriber, you have until the end of June to watch the episodes of Friends one last time. But there is another free tip that allows you to extend the experience. Indeed, and as the site Serieously rightly points out, several episodes of the series are broadcast on Sunday afternoons on the TFX channel.

Platforms compete for rights to popular series

Beyond the case of Friends, this announcement reminds us to what extent these great classics are essential to the success of streaming platforms. Programs such as The Office, Seinfield, or Friends are in fact still among the most popular on these services which do not hesitate to spend substantial sums to acquire broadcasting rights.

To cite just one example, in 2019 we spoke to you in particular about the fight between the entertainment giants to have exclusivity on episodes of South Park in the United States. The sum of $500 million was then mentioned, double what Hulu paid in 2015 to acquire it. With new players entering the market and competition in full swing, this buying fever is unlikely to slow down.

What to remember:

  • Friends will leave the Netflix catalog in France at the end of June
  • To watch the series, you will need to subscribe to the Max platform which will arrive in mid-June with us
  • It is also possible to follow the episodes on the TFX channel every Sunday

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