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Why you shouldn't subscribe to Apple TV+ and Paramount+ right now


The news is sure to appeal to streaming fans: Paramount+ and Apple TV+ could launch a bundled offer shortly. A rather surprising partner for the Apple firm, which is generally considered close to Disney. But enough chatter: what could be the lower price of this future bundle? Let's analyze the current prices to find out.

What price for this bundle offer ?

First of all, you should know that’ Apple TV+ now costs 9.99 euros per month – compared to 6.99 euros per month before the very recent increase in the amount in question. To afford a month's subscription to Paramount+, however, the amount to pay is currently limited to 7.99 euros per month. But let's remember that TV+ only cost 4.99 euros per month when it started, but Paramount+ has just been launched. It is very likely that the price will rise to 8.99 euros per month or 9.99 euros per month before long, therefore.

In short, until our two streaming giants come to an agreement, the total of the two unit prices could be around 20 euros per month. In order to offer a sufficiently significant reduction, we can therefore bet on a group price around 15.99 to 17.99 euros per month. However, it is unlikely to see Cupertino offer a more affordable price: in general, Tim Cook's company turns out to be rather stingy in this area.

No confirmation, yet

On the side of Apple or Paramount, what's more, the time is not for the right of reply for the moment. It must be said that at Apple, confidentiality remains essential when it comes to future projects. Most of the time, the manufacturer of Macs and iPads does not reveal anything about its upcoming products before a possible formal press release. When it's not a keynote announcing the new features with great fanfare.

Alternatives you want, here they are

Faced with this potential Paramount+/Apple TV+ bundle, the two big names will also have to deal with fierce competition in the French streaming market.

Now, we know in particular that Netflix or Disney+ offer packages with advertising for only 5.99 euros per month. That's a price almost twice as cheap as the supposed price of the Paramount+/Apple TV+ bundle.

Apple TV+, for its part, still does not offer any offers with advertising. But several rumors suggest that such a solution is indeed in the works. In addition, promotional campaigns have already been seen on several services natively present on iPhones, such as the App Store. Seeing Apple deploy new ads on TV+ would therefore not be surprising. Especially since thanks to the collection of iOS data (anonymized, officially), the company has many key tools to target consumers as best as possible based on their habits .

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