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Will insuring your electric car cost more than before ?

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While electric vehicles are attracting more and more motorists, questions remain about their maintenance and repair. The HOP association (Stop planned obsolescence), warns of a risk: a surge in insurance costs for these models. HOP points to several factors that could weaken the profitability of electric car insurance in the long term. Not long ago, insurers had already shown their dissatisfaction.

First of all, batteries, often unremovable, and therefore irreparable, represent an expensive element in the event of failure. Recalcitrant on-board software could also complicate repairs. Indeed, these sophisticated systems could refuse certain interventions, limiting the rehabilitation options.

Des expensive repairs and a reduced lifespan

Laetitia Vasseur, general delegate of HOP explained to Europe 1: “ The big loser is the consumer […] If in 10 years, he cannot resell his car on the second-hand market or if he is faced with repair costs exorbitant, it will be a cold shower ”. We can't blame him, in fact.

Concerns which also resonate with insurers: “ We, insurers, know that a vehicle will be less repairable, that the parts will be much more expensive, that 'there are a whole bunch of criteria that will make the repair more expensive '. Words spoken by Yann Arnaud, director of supply at Macif. The latter also explains that the real price that the consumer pays also includes the manufacturing defects of the vehicle.

Towards an increase in insurance rates?

A study carried out in Great Britain by the IER (Institute for Energy Research) has already revealed an increase in insurance premiums for EVs, precisely because of the specificities cited above in the article.

What to do in the face of this observation ? HOP proposes the establishment of a repairability index specific to electric cars. We then imagine a tool that would allow potential buyers to make an informed choice when making their purchase, taking into account the ease and potential cost of repairs. A measure that Macif supports.

The future of electric vehicle insurance therefore remains uncertain for the moment. If manufacturers do not take measures to improve the repairability of their models, insurance costs could continue to rise, dissuading some motorists from taking the plunge towards electric vehicles. The stakes are high: reconcile the energy transition with the protection of consumer interests.

  • Insurance rates for EVs could fly away quite quickly.
  • The cause: repairs that are too expensive compared to thermal cars.
  • The HOP association proposes the establishment of a repairability index specific to EVs to stem the phenomenon.

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