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Launched in 1985, the Control Panel would be pushed into retirement

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Launched in 1985 with Windows 1.0, the Control Panel is still present on Windows 11. Over the years, this central element has evolved along with the Microsoft platform. But now the company is reportedly pushing the Control Panel out, in favor of a new application to manage operating system settings.

On the most recent version of Windows, the Control Panel coexists with another application, Settings, for managing the OS. But for a while, some media outlets have noticed that Microsoft is moving features that are currently managed by the Control Panel to Settings. In other words, after almost 40 years of good and loyal service, the Windows Control Panel would take a back seat.

A gradual transition ?

At the moment, Microsoft has not made an official announcement on this subject. And it is understandable that the firm does not want to make sudden changes to Windows, especially since this affects an element that has existed for more than thirty years. However, for a while now, the Windows Latest site has been observing developments in the Windows Control Panel. And he noticed that gradually, Microsoft is trying to transfer more and more features managed by this application to Windows 11 Settings.

In March, for example, the site noticed that on a preview version, which prepares the 24H2 update (second half of 2024) of Windows 11, it becomes possible to manage the power supply of laptops from Settings, whereas this was only possible from the Control Panel. The site also spotted a possible migration of color management to Settings.

And in an article published this week, Windows Latest mentions another feature that would have been transferred by Microsoft. The company is reportedly considering redirecting users to Settings when they try to access the font management page from the Control Panel.

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Microsoft remains cautious

Note that according to Windows Latest, Microsoft has already started transferring features from the Control Panel to Windows 11 Settings a while ago. For example, an article published in 2022 already mentioned this project. However, today, the site claims that Microsoft should not kill the Control Panel, but rather move it to the background in a (very) gradual manner.

  • The Windows Control Panel has existed since 1985
  • Now, Microsoft is pushing it towards retirement, by transferring little by little the functionalities towards the Settings application of Windows 11
  • However, the idea would not be to kill the Control Panel, but rather to put this one in the background

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