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Will you soon have to pay to use social networks?

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From March 2024, the DMA and the DSA will shake up the rules of the Internet and networks. These new European texts want to regulate the practices of the web giants. Europe is signaling the end of recess for GAFAM but not only: social networks and we must prepare for some changes in the coming months. While this is slowly being implemented, particularly at X (Twitter), the platforms could offer paid subscriptions to cope with this new European regulation.

Why are TikTok and Instagram considering paid subscriptions?

The DMA wants to limit the monopoly of large digital companies like GAFAM or X (Twitter). To do this, article 5 forces social networks to offer an alternative solution to the numerous targeted advertisements. Before overwhelming the user with personalized advertisements, platforms must obtain their consent. This will completely shake up the economic model of social networks. Because it is thanks to advertisements that they earn money. And targeted advertising is much more profitable than “random” advertising content. Facebook has already suffered the consequences in 2021 following Apple's new privacy rule.

To deal with this future problem, social networks could well offer paid offers without any advertising. Thus, users could see the advertisements disappear entirely for a few euros each month. It will always be possible to give up targeted advertising, at best, but not all commercial content.

X (Twitter) has already taken the plunge with its Premium plan at 9.60 euros per month which promises a reduction in advertising. Facebook and Instagram have been thinking about this for a while and it could be now or never. This paid option concocted by Meta would cost 10 euros per month. But TikTok will not be spared from this drastic change either. Advertising could be hidden on the ByteDance social network for 5 euros per month.

Since it is European legislation which slows down social networks, we imagine that these paid formulas, if they actually see the light of day, will only be aimed at users from the Old Continent. In the United States, users should be able to maintain their good old habits on social networks. Unless the giants find a more relevant financial interest.

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