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Here's how to use DALL-E 3 for free, OpenAI's other powerful AI

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OpenAI became known to the general public thanks to the success of ChatGPT. But this one has other very interesting products. And among these products, there is DALL-E artificial intelligence. If ChatGPT generates text, DALL-E specializes in images. The user sends a description in text form, and the AI ​​returns images it created that match that description. Recently, OpenAI announced an improved version of DALL-E, called DALL-E 3. And while this new feature is normally reserved for paid ChatGPT users, there is a way to access the technology for free (and easily).

DALL-E 3 is paid for on the OpenAI site, but it is not paid for at Microsoft. As you may already know, Microsoft is both an investor and partner in OpenAI. And this is why the Bing search engine integrates GPT-4, the more advanced version of ChatGPT. The Redmond firm can also use DALL-E to offer image generators on its products.

How to use DALL-E 3 for free?

And in fact, a few days ago, Microsoft announced the transition of its image generators to DALL-E 3 technology from OpenAI. So, if you want to generate images for free with DALL-E 3, you just need to go to Bing Chat (the search engine's chatbot) and ask it to “create” or “generate” the image. image you want to obtain. You don't have to use the Microsoft Edge browser, since Bing Chat is already compatible with other browsers, including Google Chrome.

Here's how to use DALL-E 3 for free, OpenAI's other powerful AI

Screenshot on Bing Chat

Otherwise, you can also go to the bing.com/create interface and enter the description of the image you want to obtain in the text field.

A powerful tool, accessible for free

If previous versions of DALL-E were already impressive, DALL-E 3 brings improvements that make AI even more interesting. According to Microsoft's explanations, DALL-E 3 follows user instructions with more precision and reliability. Furthermore, the Redmond firm recommends adding as much information as possible in the prompts to obtain an optimal result.

Otherwise, DALL-E 3 would also generate more images photorealistic, but also more aesthetic. For its part, OpenAI spoke of an AI that “can translate nuanced requests into extremely detailed and precise images.”

  • OpenAI recently announced DALL-E 3, the version the most advanced of its image generator
  • On the OpenAI website, this technology is reserved for paying ChatGPT users
  • However, it is also offered free of charge by Microsoft on Bing Chat

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