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Loki: season 2 is here, should we skip it or watch it?

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Loki is Marvel Studios’ favorite. While all the MCU series have only been entitled to a single season, for the moment, the one dedicated to the God of Malice is a little privileged. In 2021, the first season of Lokiopened the doors to the multiverse and enjoyed undeniable success. While alternative realities are now at the heart of the MCU, it was obvious that Loki would have a second go around.

But what has Marvel concocted for us? For several months, the studios have been accumulating missteps and disappointing fans with all their might. Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania had the effect of a damp squib while the feature film should properly introduce the antagonist who takes over from Thanos and the Loki fanshave already seen. Indeed, Kang The Conqueror (or He Who Remains) is now at the forefront of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

While Loki signs his back on Disney+, are we (finally) reconciled with Marvel? In this article, we tell you if the new season of Loki is worth the detour. Without spoilers, of course.

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Should we see season 2 of Loki?

Season 2 of Loki is the opportunity to return to the Court of Anachronic Variations when it is on the verge of… Collapse. Yes, the actions of Loki and Sylvie in the first season are not without consequences. We had already noticed this in Spider-Man: No Way Home or even Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

< p>So, in this second season, Loki and Mobius have their work cut out for them. While the TVA is on the verge of disappearing, its agents are also dispersed. The truth about this entity has made more than one think. Thus, the six new episodes toss us from one universe to another, from one era to another, hoping to find a way to save the Tribunal of Anachronic Variations.

Tom Hiddleston is always impeccable in the role of Loki, who seems truly made for him. His presence is undeniable and it is a pleasure to find the actor in the skin of the God of Malice. Owen Wilson is not to be outdone by playing Mobius, a prominent TVA agent and now Loki's sidekick. Sophia di Martino shines a little less in the role of Sylvie than last season. But nothing too catastrophic.

Loki: season 2 is here, Shall we skip or watch?” /></p>
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<p>If we find some familiar faces in this new burst of episodes, season 2 of <em>Loki</em> is also an opportunity for Ke Huy Quan to shine. The child star of <em>Indiana Jones</em> and <em>The Goonies</em> is back in the spotlight after his important role in the extremely excellent <em>Everything Everywhere All At Once </em>. The character of O.B. is a breath of fresh air that we love. Funny and lunar, this engineer will very quickly become the darling of MCU fans.</p>
<p>Overall, season 2 of <em>Loki</em> is worth seeing if you like the character and all the multiverse intrigue orchestrated by Marvel for several months. We could criticize the series for its somewhat frantic pace for such a complex plot. Yes, there is no question of looking away when you launch the new episodes of <em>Loki</em>. The concepts are sometimes a little indigestible and create some knots in the brain. Despite everything, we delight in this sequence of parallel universes and the challenges that the multiverse represents.</p>
<p>It remains to be seen whether season 2 of <em>Loki</em> will live up to the two first episodes that we were able to watch. Verdict every Friday for a final episode broadcast on November 10.</p>
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If necessary, our colleagues from Journal du Geek have made a detailed summary to approach this new season in the best conditions.

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