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With its Freebox Ultra, Free launches the second revolution of internet boxes at discounted prices

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« The operator of purchasing power ». This is how Xavier Niel described Free a few months ago by announcing that the prices of its mobile offers would not change at least until 2025. A strategy going against the grain of its competitors who have multiplied the increases under the cover of inflation.

The internet box market is not left out. Orange, SFR and Bouygues Telecom have in turn revised their offers by hitting the wallets of the French, already in difficulty. These increases are necessary according to those mainly concerned to keep their businesses afloat. We would almost shed a tear (no).

At Free, there is no question of increasing prices. Better, Xavier Niel announced on January 30, 2024 a new box called Freebox Ultra (and not Freebox V9). More powerful than ever, it promises record speeds, state-of-the-art technologies, a range of entertainment you won't know what to do with, all for a price that's hard to believe. A second revolution that does not say its name.

Freebox Ultra: a premium offer…

With its Freebox Ultra, Free launches the second revolution of internet boxes at discounted prices

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After the semi-failure of the Freebox Delta, the Freebox Ultra looks like a new Freebox Revolution. Technically, the Free premium box seems impeccable. WiFi 7 connectivity (certified on January 8, 2024), rich connectivity, download and upload speeds of 8 Gb/s, WiFi 7 repeater, Pocket WiFi (4G key provided): the technical arsenal is impressive. Enough to make the Freebox Ultra the most advanced internet box of the moment, far ahead of its competitors. A habit at Xavier Niel’s company.

More than the technique, the associated service exceeds all expectations, particularly the entertainment offering. Xavier Niel has apparently used all his negotiating skills to seal partnerships with almost all streaming platforms.

In addition to Netflix, Prime Video and all the services already included in the Delta offer, the Ultra package includes Universal+, Disney+ and Canal+ live (not to be confused with the MyCanal catalog, no provided). All of the platforms included in the Ultra offer would individually cost around 80 euros per month. The best plans offered by competitors bring the bill to 140 euros per month explains Xavier Niel.

… at discounted prices

With its Freebox Ultra, Free launches the second revolution of internet boxes at discounted prices

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At Free, the offer associated with the Freebox Ultra (with all the entertainment included) costs 50 euros per month for the first year, then 60 euros per month, all without commitment. The competition can stand up.

Xavier Niel explains that he has heard the criticism from subscribers to the Delta offer. Some have already subscribed to streaming offers via interesting packages. Others do not consume this content and prefer a cheaper offer, without the entertainment. “ I understand you ” declares Xavier Niel who therefore developed a Freebox Ultra Essential offer with his teams.

Its price: 40 euros per month for the first year then 50 euros per month, without commitment. 10 euros less, without associated entertainment services. More interesting for subscribers mainly looking for a price. Probably more interesting also for Free.

  • While all competitors are increasing their prices, Free has just &#8217 ;announce the Freebox Ultra, a premium box at a knockdown price
  • The Freebox Ultra is the most powerful box of the moment with an associated offer rich in benefits
  • However, the prices announced by Xavier Niel are very contained

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