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Would this accident driver have been better off trusting his Apple Watch ?

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In many cases, the Apple Watch has already shown its ability to save accident victims, thanks to its particularly effective detection functionality. When Apple Watch detects a specific series of sudden decelerations in a short period of time, an alert is automatically activated.

From there if the user does not react, for example because he is unconscious, emergency services are automatically contacted with the exact location of the crash. The victim then only has to wait for help to arrive without a minute being wasted waiting for another motorist or pedestrian arrives at the scene and can make the call.

Why the injured driver preferred not to trust his Apple Watch

The system is not without flaws – since we have already learned that police services quickly find themselves overwhelmed with alerts, for example when a music festival occurs nearby – the movements of the dancers can also activate the function by mistake without the owner of the watch realizing it.

But there are also these other cases, in which an accident has indeed occurred, but the owner of the Apple Watch prefers to find help himself… or does not prefer to be taken care of too quickly by emergency services. This is what happened in Arizona recently as reported by Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

The crash detection function worked as expected after a vehicle started rolling and was not disabled by the user before the crash detection function was triggered. ;#8217;emergency call. However, the driver was no longer on the scene when emergency services arrived. What followed was a hunt involving around twenty rescuers and a helicopter. A few hours later, the accident victim, aged 30, was finally found 8 kilometers away.

The latter explains that he was looking for help, without further explanation – He had only minor injuries and has since been returned to his family. Of course, with the functionality active, the man had no reason to leave the area himself to find help.

Which makes some Internet users think that it could be a case of drunk driving. According to this theory, which is now impossible to verify, the driver would have left the scene to simply let his blood alcohol level drop before being taken care of by the emergency services.

A theory all the more credible since, as we have just established, the individual was equipped with an Apple Watch equipped with fault of a GPS application, that the accident took place near Lake Pleasant, very close to Phoenix – and that the latter did not even try to make a motorist stop and preferred, instead, to walk for several hours…

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  • Accident detection on Apple Watch is illustrated in a rather surprising new case.
  • While the triggering happened as planned, the owner preferred to walk for several hours himself in search of help.
  • Some Internet users suspect it&# 8217;accident after trying to delay – assuming it was a case of drunk driving…
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