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S24: Samsung compares Galaxy AI to foldable screens and waterproof smartphones

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Yesterday we learned the official date and time of the Unpacked 2024 event which will officially unveil the Galaxy S24 in two weeks. Samsung has indeed updated all the international versions of its official website to tease the event. At the same time, two “privilege offers” are reserved for customers who register on Samsung.com/fr before the event date and order a Galaxy S24 within five days of their announcement.

In France, customers are entitled to a reduction voucher of up to €150 in addition to a “cult” Free. Which is, for once, much better than what is offered to American customers (the latter are only entitled to a $50 coupon). The day after this update, Samsung began commercial teasing of the new range. With this morning a commercial titled “Galaxy AI is coming” (Galaxy AI arrives, in French).

Samsung wants to tell us that it continues to write the great history of smartphones with its S24

The video here puts into perspective the great innovation that must arrive in the Galaxy range: Galaxy AI. In other words, a series of new features based on artificial intelligence. Several leaks have already allowed us to get a glimpse of it. In particular, we had the demo of a live transcription of calls in other languages, whether in text or by modifying the audio.

We know that there will be, among other things, an AI-powered wallpaper generator, a “summarize” in Samsung Note, as well as the ability to erase people and objects in photos, or to fill an area of ​​an image with an element generated by a prompt. These features (the list is not exhaustive) should partly be executed locally, the rest relying on the Samsung cloud.

Individually, we had already seen such functionalities, whether through applications like ChatGPT or Bing Chat (via the Edge browser) for text generation or summarization – or Photoshop for the “Generative Fill” (to replace or fill an area of ​​the image using AI). Dall-E, available via ChatGPT Plus and Bing, also already allows you to generate a wallpaper for your smartphone.

Nothing so revolutionary than that, in any case without knowing more about the extent of the new AI features in the Samsung Galaxy range. Especially since Samsung still has to prove itself in the race for AI generators, in which OpenAI remains for the moment the undisputed leader with its GPT-4 model.

And yet, Samsung is doing everything, in its first teaser, to present Galaxy AI as a breakthrough as major as foldable screens or the first waterproof smartphones. The clip shows an elderly couple on public transport commenting on 'what it was like in their time'. while watching other users use their smartphones. Enough to return to the rich history of the manufacturer in terms of mobile telephony.

Starting with the SH-100, the very first device marketed by the brand &#8211 ; the first device of its kind to be entirely designed and manufactured in South Korea. Then we move on to the very first “TV Phone” in 1999, before discussing the first “borderless” of the brand with AMOLED screens in 2011, the first waterproof Galaxy smartphones in 2014, the first smartphone with Samsung Pay in 2015 and the first Galaxy Flip phones in 2020.

The spot that you can see at the end of the article concludes with this message “prepare yourself for the new era of mobiles”. As if these AI features were, in concert, a paradigm shift as powerful as those mentioned earlier in the teaser. You will of course have to have the smartphone in hand to be convinced of this. But in the meantime, we suggest you watch this short video spot from Samsung:

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  • Samsung begins to tease the arrival of its Galaxy S24 with a first advertising spot focused on Galaxy AI .
  • The manufacturer puts the AI ​​functions of its future smartphones in perspective with the biggest milestones in its history in mobiles since 1988.
  • We note, however, that, if & #8220;Galaxy AI” brings together quite a few useful AI features, everything that leaked already exists separately – Samsung also has yet to demonstrate the capabilities of its AI models in comparison to GPT-4.

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