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GTA 6: everything you need to know about the future phenomenon of video games in 5 questions

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This Wednesday, November 8, Rockstar Games broke the Internet by announcing the release of a trailer for its next GTA game in early December. The legendary studio will take the opportunity to celebrate its 25th anniversary. The opportunity for us to return to the questions asked by the public, and to what is said concerning this title which will inevitably be historic.

The latest info on GTA 6

1) When will GTA 6 be released?

This is undoubtedly the biggest question as the wait has been long since GTA 5. If nothing is certain at the moment, and the development of such a game is often subject to postponements, it is very possible that GTA 6 will be released at the end of 2024.

This is in any case what a financial document sent by Take-Two Interactive to shareholders suggests. The company, which oversees Rockstar Games, says it expects a sharp increase in sales in fiscal year 2025 which is due to start in April 2024. The company cites the incredible figure of $8 billion in net game reservations, and obviously, it looks very much like a new GTA.

2) What will GTA 6 be called?

Here again, many questions remain. The new GTA could be given a number, but not necessarily, we are thinking in particular of Vice City, San Andreas, or even Chinatown Wars. The most logical would however be a number, and as our colleagues from BFM point out, the GTA games that accompany a new console generation are often named like this.

3) Which city will be represented in GTA 6 ?

To see more clearly on this subject, we can refer to the leak which occurred in September 2022. The environment was very clearly reminiscent of the city of Miami which we have already been able to explore in GTA: Vice City.

4) Who will be the characters in GTA 6?

Like GTA V, the game could allow us to play several characters at once. And the data leak showed that one of the protagonists would be a Latino woman. From there to dreaming of a modern remake of Bonnie and Clyde, there is only one step. Let's not forget that the franchise regularly pays homage to myths of American pop culture.

5) What is the production budget of GTA 6?

GTA V had an incredible budget of $265 million. His successor could explode the counters. Our colleagues from Échos cite rumors reporting a budget that could exceed a billion dollars. In the absence of communication from Rockstar Games, it is impossible for us to confirm this information.

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