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WWDC: Apple wants to change everything about the iPhone, a unique keynote planned for this evening

The account à WWC countdown is on! IOS 18, Artificial Intelligence and Apple Vision Pro… Follow the Apple keynote announcements live.

The essentials

  • An Apple Keynote took place this Monday, June 10, 2024. It follows à the last conference of the firm which had unveiled new iPads.
  • The conference begins at 7 p.m. It is rumored that the latter would last a little over an hour.
  • Several new software features are expected, including iOS 18 and artificial intelligence. This new update &agrav; This day should shake up many elements present in the iPhone.
  • Some announcements regarding the Apple Vision Pro headset could also be revealed.


18:38 – When will the Apple Vision Pro be released in France ?

L'Apple Vision Pro made a lot of noise when it was released in the United States at the beginning of the year. Since then, Apple's headset has been relatively discreet. It is rumored that the Apple keynote on June 10, 2024 plans an important announcement: the release of the Apple Vision Pro in several countries including France. The headset would be planned for an imminent release on French territory.

18:23 – When will iOS 18 be available ?

iOS 18, which should be presented tonight, will not be directly available after its announcement. If Apple sticks to its habits, the firm should release a first beta version reserved for developers on the sidelines of WWDC. The first public beta should be available in several weeks. The final and definitive release of iOS 18 would be, as for it, set for the month of September, alongside the iPhone 16.

Sam Altman, current Managing Director of OpenAI (ChatGPT) recently spoke to the CEO of OpenAI (ChatGPT). aperçu à Apple Park. Its presence fuels recent rumors of a partnership between Apple and OpenAI for the integration of artificial intelligence into the iPhone.< /p>

The new Apple keynote of the year will be launched in a few minutes! See you à 7 p.m. to find out everything new about iOS 18 and Apple's artificial intelligence.

17:49 – Wù follow the Apple keynote live ?

Several options are available you if you want to watch the Apple keynote conference live. First of all there is this info thread where you are reading this and where? we will process all announcements for the evening. Then, it is possible to find the conference on the official Apple website, but also on YouTube.

17:32 – What changes à coming for the iPhone ?

Several sources indicate that iOS 18 would be a big upgrade; update for the iPhone. Several new features would be planned including:

  • The free arrangement of icons on the home screen.
  • Automatically change iPhone colors based on your wallpaper.
  • Lots of artificial intelligence.
  • A better control center.
  • Revisited widgets, especially for playing your music.

17:20 – Less than two hours before the launch of the Apple keynote

Apple's next big conference will be held in less than two hours! The program would be as follows according to the latest rumors and information:

  • iOS 18
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Apple Vision Pro released in several countries
  • New features WatchOS, TVOS, VisionOS, MacOS, iPadOS

16:50 – Will Apple announce a new iPhone during its keynote ?

Unless there is a big surprise, Apple is unlikely to make an announcement regarding a new iPhone. The iPhone 16 should be presented in September 2024, but the future 4th generation iPhone SE could still make an appearance during the evening.

16:34 – What other new software features are on the Apple keynote program ?

If Apple should spend most of the evening &agrav; unveil iOS 18, the firm should also make several announcements concerning other operating systems. So we should get some information regarding WatchOS 11, TVOS 18 and the successor to MacOS Sonoma.

16:18 – Will your iPhone be compatible with iOS 18 ?

Who says new update à Apple says old iPhone models are obsolete. According to the latest rumors, iOS 18 should be compatible with the following models:

  • The entire range à come from iPhone 16
  • The entire range of iPhone 15
  • The entire range of iPhone 14
  • The entire range of iPhone 13
  • The entire range of iPhone 12
  • The entire range of iPhone 11
  • iPhone SE (2nd and 3rd generation)
  • iPhone XS
  • iPhone XS Max
  • iPhone XR

15:55 – Apple's AI would be titled "Apple Intelligence"

According to several media and specialists, the artificial intelligence solution which will be presented by Apple this evening is ;would title "Apple Intelligence" in order to refer to the word "AI".

3:39 p.m. – The Apple keynote this Monday should discuss the Vision Pro

The Apple Vision Pro headset should also make a small appearance during the Apple keynote this Monday, June 10. It is rumored that the firm will unveil the second version of its operating system, VisionOS, as well as new availability at the same time. around the world and in particular France.

15:25 – Towards announcements of new Apple products during the keynote ?

The Apple keynote at this WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) should be loaded with announcements concerning the firm's software. Unless there is a big surprise, Apple is unlikely to announce any new products. come.

15:10 – Apple should go all out on AI in the iPhone

This Apple conference is particularly awaited on a specific point: artificial intelligence. The firm is behind schedule à catch up compared to &agrav; Samsung, Honor and Google.

Welcome to this live broadcast dedicated to &agrav; the new Apple keynote. The latter will be held this Monday, June 10, 2024 &egrave; 7 p.m. (Paris time). According to several internal sources and specialists, the conference should present the new iOS 18 which will be packed with software. of artificial intelligence.

Here we are ! This Monday, June 10, 2024 marks the launch of the new Apple Keynote, considered one of the most important conferences of the year for some. ;nbsp;This conference is launched at 7 p.m. (Paris time) and should end a little later in the evening.

A month earlier, on May 7, 2024, Apple surprised everyone by organizing a "Let Loose" placed under the sign of creativity. A conference as a whole that was quite thin but which ended with some great hardware announcements: the iPad Pro M4, the ;#39;iPad Air M2 and Apple Pencil Pro.

For this month of June, Apple announces the color and warns that this conference will be "l&#39 ;one of the largest for the brand". Many clues have circulated; for weeks and suggest the arrival of the new IOS 18 operating system. Other doubts persist concerning hardware announcements, knowing that the Apple Vision Pro has been the subject of clarification as to what it is. its release date in France. As for à Artificial Intelligence should be the heart of this conference. Competition is fierce between OpenAI and Google but it could be revived.

At what time and on which platforms to follow the Apple Keynote ?

What could be better than a Keynote to open the festivities! The Cupertino company was quick to communicate the program for its annual conference. The brand à the apple  is meeting this evening à 7 p.m. (French time) to attend à his event.

In order not to miss even the slightest details, there are several ways to help you find out more. YOU. Like &agrav; As usual, Apple will broadcast the live on its dedicated website. to events apple.com. If you wish, you can go directly to #39;di & not only available for Apple TV video streaming but also on the official Apple YouTube channel. The link to follow the conference has been posted here. put online a few days ago.

Artificial intelligence à abundance, IOS 18, Apple Vision ?

For each event of this kind, the Cupertino company has always accustomed us to its use. &agrav; big announcements. This evening, the opening keynote should be no exception. the rule. New software features are eagerly awaited for subscribers of the brand. start with a bet   update of the IOS 18 operating system. The event should allow the update of the IOS 18 operating system. Apple is doubling down on AI in order to catch up with the competition. To find out more, we invite you à consult our article which details the brand's potential announcements. 

As for material announcements, CEO Tim Cook could have some nice surprises in store for us. The latest rumors speak of an update update of the visionOS spatial computing system and updates day of famous headphones. However, Bloomberg newspaper Mark Gurman does not seem convinced by material revelations before the back-to-school keynote in September.

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