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Booking, Kayak: watch out for these sneaky scams for your vacation

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Scammers don’t take a vacation. They even take advantage of this period that is conducive to bookings to take action. In a report spotted by Numerama, researchers from the cybersecurity company Check Point are keen to alert Internet users of a phishing campaign impersonating services such as Booking or the comparison site Kayak and the travel agency Agoda.

Risks for your summer vacation

This strategy is very classic, but often effective. The experts thus noted that of the 25,668 new domain names registered, one in 33 turned out to be malicious or suspicious. By visiting these fake portals which more or less imitate the original, you will then be encouraged to provide your personal and banking data. The trap then closes and it is too late.

Our colleagues also report an email attack specifically targeting Booking. Here, targets receive a deceptive email containing an attachment with a fake reservation. Panicked, they click on the latter. This is when malware called Agent Tesla is installed. It is a Trojan horse capable of spying on your device.

As we will have understood, vigilance is more important than ever and it is important to adopt the right reflexes. Stay focused and don't click on suspicious messages. The latter often contain mistakes or subtle differences in their URLs.

Another good habit is to go directly to the site or application in question to check whether the information contained in an email or SMS is accurate. Think twice before passing on your information. Scammers, masters in the art of manipulation, try to instill a sense of urgency in their victims, but you must never give in.

Airbnb's advice

For vacations, another big name is targeted by cybercriminals: Airbnb. The platform has thus communicated and reported concrete risks for its users: payment scams, phishing and various fraud attempts, the service serves as a pretext for malicious actors to take action.< /p>

In addition to the measures we mentioned above, the service advises you to be wary of offers that seem a little too good to be true should alert you. This is also the case for listings that are significantly below market prices and are likely to be false.

It is also suggested that you do not pay for your stay via direct bank transfer, but opt ​​for payment by credit card if necessary, as it offers greater security.

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