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You are a fan of Peaky Blinders ? You might like this news!

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Peaky Blindersis certainly one of the series that has had the biggest impact on Netflix and its users in recent years. Broadcast from 2013 to 2022, the first episode of the sixth and final season recorded 5.1 million individual streams. Steven Knight, the creator of the fiction, revealed to Birmingham World that the feature film, eagerly awaited by fans, was finally in the pipes. It will enter production in September and will pick up the story a few years after the plot of the series.

The Great Return of the Shelbys< /h2>

Cillian Murphy will obviously reprise the role of Tommy Shelby, former World War I soldier turned gangster, business tycoon and politician. Awarded multiple times for his performance in the film Oppenheimer, it was difficult to imagine how someone else could have taken his place.

Even if no release date given, this announcement will certainly relieve all fans of the series. Rumors and speculation regarding the release of a film in the universe of the series had already started at the end of the sixth season.

Remember that the series left us with a twist, where Tommy Shelby was led to believe that he is suffering from an incurable brain tumor . In reality, the diagnosis had been made by a doctor complicit with his fascist enemy, Oswald Mosley.

A new setting

« The film will take place in the heart of World War II and beyond » Steven Knight told British magazine Empire. There is a real desire that the film is not just a simple sequel, but a real renewal of the temporal and narrative framework.

« We decided to make the film independently of the TV series, because it's pretty obvious what happens to everyone at the end of the story.” said Caryn Mandabach (producer of the series) during a promotional interview given to Netflix. “ We are optimistic about making a film that will not take place in the same period. It won’t be 1938. We’re going to skip a few years, like we did every year ” she explained.

Peaky Blinders was able to captivate spectators with its exceptional photography, an impeccably executed plot and brilliantly written characters. We therefore hope that the film will live up to it. The countdown is on!

  • Steven Knight, creator of the Peaky Blinders series, has officially announced the film taking over the universe of the series.
  • Filming will begin in September this year.
  • It will take place after the events of the series, in the middle of World War II.

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