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Are you old? Here are the 8 video games to play (or not ) under the Christmas tree

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In the 80s/90s, you might have said to yourself that when you “grow up” , you will no longer play video games. And yet, here you (we) are, in your forties, and still the same pleasure in playing modern productions, but also those good old games from before. In 2023, the nostalgic fiber has been very tickled among many players, with the return of many emblematic licenses of the last century, often for the better, but also for the worse… Here are the 8 video games to put (or not) under the tree to please older children.

Sonic Superstars: a fun return to basics

After dazzling Mega Drive players when it was launched in 1991, Sonic the Hedgehog experienced numerous setbacks from the 2000s onwards, the SEGA mascot being (very often) nothing more than a shadow of itself. However, this year, players were able to discover Sonic Superstars, a new episode in 2D, Mega Drive style, rather pleasant to play despite some shortcomings. Despite its “cooperation” side, Sonic Superstars can be fully enjoyed solo, and if possible on PlayStation or Xbox, the Nintendo Switch version being particularly inferior on many points.

RoboCop Rogue City: THE pleasant surprise of the year?

After a few games in the early 90s (notably a memorable NES episode), the RoboCop license quickly fell into video game oblivion. However, a few weeks ago, it was the Teyon studio which offered a new game called Rogue City, in the form of a particularly inspired FPS. FPS okay, but we're far from a Call of Duty here… and so much the better in the end, since it allows you to rediscover all the soul of RoboCop, with his Auto-9, his rigid movements and his noisy footsteps, all in an assumed and very successful 90's atmosphere. We loved this RoboCop Rogue City, and we highly recommend it to anyone who likes Alex Murphy at all.

Assassin's Creed Mirage: a true pleasure of yesteryear

After a breathless Origins/Odyssey/Valhalla trilogy, Ubisoft wanted a return to basics with the new Assassin’s Creed Mirage. And so much the better! Indeed, this new opus marks a beautiful return to fundamentals for the saga, with a modernized original formula, a rediscovered narration and a nice return to discretion. Enough to reconnect with a real pleasure of yesteryear for the Assassins of the first hour.

Flashback 2: an expected return, but a catastrophic launch…

In 1992, you may have discovered Flashback on the SEGA Mega Drive. An emblematic title, the sequel of which, simply titled Flashback 2, has just been released by Microids. And we must admit that while certain intentions are laudable, with a beautiful atmosphere, some very beautiful settings and excellent ideas, the game is sorely lacking in finish… The result is a very (very) buggy title, with a myriad of bugs and other technical issues, some of which simply prevent progression… A Flashback 2 that we therefore advise you not to put under the tree this year, and to wait wisely for it to be “repaired”, a bit like a certain Cyberpunk 2077 in its time .

Super Mario RPG: the return of a Super Nintendo classic

Super Mario RPG is this Super Nintendo game that you didn't know at the time, the latter having been launched only in Japan and the United States in 1996. In 2023, this pioneer Mario-style role-playing game is back, with a remake exclusive to the Nintendo Switch. The result is overall very successful, with a Super Mario RPG that retains an “old school side.“, while being expertly modernized. Not necessarily THE Super Mario game to put under the tree as a priority (we'll come back to that below), but the opportunity to discover an adventure that's all in all very fun, and a bit offbeat from the usual Mario codes.

Goldorak: for the fans (and them only)

Firmly awaited by many (old) fans of the license born in 1975, the video game Goldorak: Feast of Wolves is now available. Many predicted an absolute catastrophe, but the final result remains acceptable, provided you are a fan of Go Nagai's giant robot, but also be very accommodating on the technical side. More worthy of a PS3 game than a modern game, Grendizer is not a 'good game', but some players (this was our case) could nevertheless find their enjoyment in it. dose of nostalgia, in the space of around ten hours.

Super Mario Bros Wonder: the REAL Mario this year is him!

This year, Sonic fans were treated to the 2D return of their mascot… just like die-hard Super Mario fans! Indeed, those who still remember having (ab)used the first Super Mario Bros on NES and/or Super Mario World on Super Nintendo, will be delighted to discover Super Mario Bros. Wonder on Nintendo Switch. The game takes the 2D formula of the time, while modernizing the recipe, with the Prodigy Flowers, but also a multiplayer aspect now anchored in the Mario DNA. A pure success that will only make people happy (young and old alike) when it comes time to unwrap the presents under the tree.

Resident Evil 4: Game of the Year 2005 also… Game of the Year 2023?

Earlier this year, Capcom offered players yet another remake of its Resident Evil saga, with a complete overhaul of the fourth opus . Launched in 2005 on Nintendo GameCube, Resident Evil 4 then revolutionized the formula, and incidentally established new standards in video games. The remake by Capcom aims to be very faithful to the original game, while allowing itself some liberties, but offering an ultra modern visual rendering. Note that the game was crowned with the title of “Game of the Year” in 2005, and that he could well offer himself the title of GOTY 2023 at the next Game Awards. A (more than) safe value therefore.

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