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You are too big, too afraid, with family... This plane seat is made for you!

According to his profile, there are indeed some seats that are better than others for traveling in complete comfort.

There is no better seat on the plane. But depending on your situation, some will be preferable to others. others. Tall people for example, for whom seats may be uncomfortable, people with anxiety the plane, for whom the flight is a constant ordeal, or again, young parents who fear that their baby will die. starts à screaming into the device… If you are in one of these scenarios, before checking in your seat on a plane, we advise you to consult our advice.< /p>

Having long legs is beneficial in certain life situations, but certainly not on the plane, outside “business class”. When you are more than 1.80 meters tall, the space that separates the seats from each other is often too small and requires you to adjust your seat. play the contortionists. The older ones will opt for a place next to the hotel. hallway to stretch their legs out to the side. Otherwise, legroom is more generous between the tail seats, with one drawback: they are located at the rear of the plane. Near the toilets. Finally, there is a last solution, but one that can pay off in a plane low cost :&nbsp ;a place located at the  emergency exits, where the space between the seats is more ;nbsp;géréreux (between 94 and 104 centimeters&etres). 

Beyond In addition to the choice of seat, the choice of the airline is also decisive. Indeed, if the average distance between seats is Ages for short-haul flights of 77 centimeters and for long-haul flights of 80 centimeters, the company has The airline Air France offers the most legroom, i.e. 79 to 100 feet. 81 cents on short-haul flights and 81 cents on long-haul flights. 85 centimeters on long-haul flights. Conversely, the Iberia Express company is the worst for tall people with its small 71 centimeters of distance between seats… Those for whom the width of the seats is too small. age counts too, it is good à know that Qatar Airways' Boeing 777-300ER are the planes that offer the widest seats (47 centimeters in class). economy), knowing that the average seat width is 44.5 centimeters and that it is short-haul flights that further reduce the space between seats. ;egrave;ages. 

For aviophobes à sensitive area, places located close to the entrance The front of the plane are the furthest from the jet engines. those who fear shaking in the event of turbulence, seats located at wing level or at the rear of the seat. The front of these will reduce jolts. However, we will have to make a choice: those who prefer to rely on statistics know that the seats located at the back of the plane are… ;nbsp;those who are most likely to survive a crash. As explained in the American magazine Popular Mechanics, the passengers seated à The rear has a 40% greater chance of escaping. death if we are to believe the dozens of commercial plane crashes that have occurred in the United States since 1971.

Finally, young parents who travel with a baby will be relieved to find a place among the first rows facing the partitions. "It's also where that some companies install their baby beds so that you can lay your infant down during the flight,” explained Joachim Coursimault, purser on Air France, à TF1.

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