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Here is the best time to discover BforBank, Crédit Agricole's online bank

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BforBank is one of the benchmarks in online banking. To better meet the expectations of the French public, the subsidiary of the Crédit Agricole group carried out a major overhaul of its range at the end of last year. It now focuses on essential banking products – current account, bank card, savings, credit and insurance – with human customer service available 24/7.

💡 Since March 1, 2024, it also offers an additional argument to the first 15,000 new customers: they will receive a bonus of up to 80 euros for opening a free account (BforBASIC) or paid (BforZEN). The latter also comes with free fees for the first six months.

This bonus is divided into two parts: 20 euros if the first payment of a minimum amount of 200 euros is made within 7 days from the date of payment ;effective opening of the account; then 60 euros following the execution of 6 operations within 60 days after opening the account. You can read the details of the conditions associated with the bonus on the bank's website.

A clear, transparent and efficient bank

The BforBank offer is mainly focused around a current account and a bank card. You have the choice between two models – BforBASIC and BforZEN. If the first is a free debit card (no overdraft allowed), the second requires a contribution of 4 euros per month. This includes more services such as free and unlimited payments worldwide, insurance and travel assistance, and a personalized annual report.

For local and daily use, the BforBASIC card will be more than sufficient. However, it will be better to opt for the BforZEN card if you want to travel with complete peace of mind. The premium card also allows you to make up to 5 free cash withdrawals per month in the Euro zone (compared to only one for BforBASIC) and you also benefit from extended payment limits (3,000 € payment by physical card and €1,000 by virtual card over 30 rolling days and €1,000 withdrawals over 7 rolling days​).

Among the advantages common to both cards, you have in particular free instant transfers (a promise which should become the standard in all French banks from 2025), real-time monitoring of operations from the & #8217;mobile application or even the provision of a virtual bank card.

Here is the best time to discover BforBank, Crédit Agricole's online bank

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Boosted savings

If you have capital to grow, BforBank offers an advantageous savings account. In this case, if you open one between now and March 19, you will benefit from a preferential rate of 4% gross annually for 3 months, up to a limit of 100%. 000 euros. Beyond that, the base rate (2.1% gross at the moment) will be applied again. BforBank specifies, however, that “throughout the year, you will regularly have the opportunity to benefit from a boosted rate”.

Rather than letting your money stagnate in your current account, you can switch it in a few clicks within BforBank itself – towards your savings account to put it to work. Online banking, also available on mobile (iOS and Android), offers one of the best rates on the market for a passbook account.

Finally, BforBank has formed partnerships with Sofinco and CA Assurances to respectively offer consumer credit (up to 75,000 euros, whatever your project) and mobile insurance. Whatever product you choose, subscription is done from the mobile application in just a few clicks. If necessary, BforBank advisors can answer your questions 24/7, by telephone or chat.

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