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"You don't understand anything..." Samsung mocks (with a nice blunder ?) Apple and its iPad Pro

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A few days ago, Apple formalized a whole new generation of iPad, and in particular the new iPad Pro. To this were added two new Magic Keyboards, as well as a new Apple Pencil Pro. A new generation of Apple tablets dedicated to revitalizing the market, but beyond the products, it was Apple's communication that had created a lively controversy.

Samsung responds (for the umpteenth time) to Apple

Indeed, to present its new iPad Pro, Apple put a new promotional spot online, called Crush. The spot in question then took up a trend seen in particular on TikTok, in which a hydraulic press massacres objects. As for Apple, these are creative tools that have been destroyed, in order to transform guitar, paint cans, piano, computer and music player (among others) into one and the same object. ;: iPad Pro. Enough to raise the discontent of many Apple fans, but also of artists and other creators.

If Apple recently apologized, its best enemy, Samsung, is joining the party. The Korean brand quickly decided to ride this “bad buzz” to offer a new advertisement. In the latter, we see a woman stepping over various debris (including some directly related to the Apple advertisement), to finally play a few guitar notes, accompanied by her Galaxy Tab S9 tablet.

Creativity cannot be crushed. We never crush creativity” indicates Samsung in its new spot. A direct reference to the Apple TV spot, which on the contrary did not hesitate to crush (“crush&# 8221; in English) many tools.

Note, however, that Samsung's spot highlights the now famous “Galaxy AI& #8220;, an artificial intelligence which, for many creatives, largely contributes to crushing creativity. A point that some Internet users did not fail to point out… Samsung has also taken care to carefully hide all criticism of this new spot. “Samsung, you haven’understood the main reason for the outrage against the “ Crush ” ad d’Apple” indicates an Internet user.

A new way for Samsung to tease its American rival for the umpteenth time, the Korean giant having been accustomed to doing so for many years already. A little over a year ago, when flexible smartphones were starting to appeal to an ever-widening audience, Samsung came to attack Apple through an advertisement broadcast during the Coupe du Québec final. World of football.

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