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You will soon be able to pay for your groceries with the palm of your hand

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After contactless payment with your credit card then with your smartphone or connected watch, a new payment method could soon arrive in France. Ingenico is working on a new biometric recognition technology that could revolutionize your daily life.

Indeed, the French company intends to allow you to pay for your purchases in a surprising way… What if you paid for your purchases using the palm of your hand ?< /p>

Your payment, at your fingertips

We have easily adopted the reflex of affixing your credit card, your smartphone or your connected watch to a payment terminal to pay for our purchases. It's quick and easy. But Ingenico intends to simplify our daily lives even further by importing new biometric recognition technology. Being able to pay with the palm of your hand is almost science fiction. And yet this is soon the case in France, and already possible in certain stores in the United States and China.

Indeed, a few months ago, Amazon launched its Amazon One payment system to pay directly with the palm of your hand. Enough to give ideas to Ingenico, which hopes to carry out tests in certain supermarkets in France this year.

How does it work? Our hands contain a vein pattern that is unique to them. By placing your hand above a first sensor, infrared light can detect this famous vein pattern which only belongs to us. Our palm vein print is unique and personal, and using it to validate your payment is more secure than using your fingerprint or facial recognition. With the vein pattern of your hand, it is impossible to steal your identity and make payments for you.

The image of the vein pattern of the hand is immediately encrypted and then stored in a protected database. The last name, first name and banking information are then associated so that you can pay with the snap of a finger.

The real challenge will be to equip bank terminals with a reader capable of reading the vein pattern of the hand. If all goes well, Ingenico intends to start testing this new payment method in certain French supermarkets by the end of 2024. For its part, the Samsung Galaxy Ring connected ring could well allow you to pay directly with your finger. Less futuristic but perhaps more feasible in practice…

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