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Your bank will soon increase these banking fees, here's how to avoid them

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Bank fees, particularly those linked to inappropriate withdrawals, are constantly increasing. According to a study by Panorabanques, these fees for displaced withdrawals increased by 10.6% in 2024 compared to ’ previous year. The average monthly cost of these fees now amounts to 14.10 euros, compared to 8.60 euros in 2021.

For many consumers, these fees seem inevitable and add up quickly, significantly affecting their monthly budget. But there are effective strategies to avoid them and minimize their impact on your finances.

Inappropriate withdrawals, what are they? est ?

Are you familiar with “displaced withdrawals” ? They refer to operations carried out at an automatic teller machine (ATM) which does not belong to the customer's bank. If in the past these costs could go unnoticed, they have now gained visibility due to their significant increase. For example, a Crédit Mutuel customer who withdraws money from a Banque Postale ATM may be charged additional fees.

These fees are mainly justified by the banks as a way to compensate for the commissions they must pay to the banks that own the ATMs used. This practice also aims to dissuade customers from using ATMs owned by other banks, in the hope of reducing interbank costs.

La Banque Populaire, Banque Postale and LCL, among others, have not only increased the amount of fees per moved withdrawal but have also reduced the number of free withdrawals authorized each month . From the first withdrawal outside the customer's bank's network, fees are imposed, increasing costs for consumers.

How to avoid bank fees related to inappropriate withdrawals ?

There are several methods to avoid or reduce these fees. To implement them, it is important to know your bank's service offering and to master the art of planning.

It may seem obvious, but the best way to avoid these fees is to withdraw your money from ATMs in your bank's network as soon as possible.

Another tip: reduce the number of withdrawals. Reduce the number number of operations but withdraw larger amounts. This way, you will be able to favor your bank's ATMs once and for all.

Finally, depending on the frequency of your withdrawals, it may be interesting to < strong>switch to premium accounts or online banks. Some of these accounts offer unlimited fee-free withdrawals from other banks' ATMs.

  • Many Banks have significantly increased fees for out-of-pocket withdrawals (outside your bank's ATMs)
  • On average, the increase is 100%. order of 10% in 2024
  • A few tips allow you to avoid these fees

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