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YouTube will now play your video if you use an Adblock

Always more eager to encourage its users to subscribe à its premium formula, the YouTube site is now ready to launch. Automatically mute and skip your videos if Adblock is enabled.

You use YouTube on a daily basis ? There is a good chance that you accompany it with an Adblock plugin on your browser. According to recent surveys, more than 36% of French people regularly use an ad blocker on their computer. However, their use still makes many web players cringe who depend, in part, on advertising. for their online income.

This is particularly the case for YouTube. The reference site for online videos has notably launched its own paid subscription, YouTube Premium, to allow à its users to free themselves from advertisements that launch automatically when launching and during a video.

This is why YouTube regularly attempts to fight against Adblock users. His latest idea: automatically play your video if the site ever detects an ad blocker on your computer. You will thus arrive directly à the end of your video, without having been able to view it first.

But this is not the only measure put in place by YouTube to encourage you to join. Disable your ad blocker. If the site detects that, despite its new measure, you reached à access your video, then it will be completely silent. This discovery was notably observed by a user of the Reddit site.

New Youtube adblock weird behavior – video automatically skips to the end
byu/SDHD4K inyoutube

At the start of the year 2024, YouTube had already reached its peak. slows down its site significantly if it detects an ad blocker on your computer. It is therefore recommended; users to consider the option of YouTube Premium (the first month of which is free) or to look for other Adblocks potentially capable of circumventing this new restriction.

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