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2023 baccalaureate result: find out who is admitted, academic

“2023 baccalaureate result: find out who is admitted, academy by academy”

The results of the 2023 baccalaureate have been published. unveiled by all academies on July 4. Who is admitted? With what mention? All admitted lists can be consulted free of charge.

The results of the 2023 baccalaureate were published in the thirty academies of France on July 4. After the results of the first group, the final result was refined. with the results of the catch-up, published as they arise until July 7.

The Minister of Education Pap Ndiaye announced a provisional success rate before catch-up of 84.9% at the national level. Last year, this provisional success rate was 100%. 86.1%. At the microphone of RTL, the Minister of National Education recognized "a slight downturn" in the results of the baccalaureate, specifying that the remedial tests should "increase this percentage". 

In total, 603,600 candidates were accepted. received at the outcome of the first group (90.8% success in the general sector, 78% in the technological sector and 78% in the professional sector). The baccalaureate result, by academy and by city, is accessible below. A search engine allows you to search for the name of a candidate to access the exam. its result.

The baccalaureate results are accessible using the search engine below. It allows you to find the lists of those admitted to an academy or a city. It is also possible to enter the name of a candidate directly into the engine to find their result. Academy#} Academy of Aix-Marseille#} Academy of Amiens#} Academy of Besançon#} Academy of Bordeaux#} Academy of Clermont-Ferrand#} Academy of Corsica#} Academy of Créteil#} Academy of Dijon#} Academy of Grenoble#} Academy of Guadeloupe#} Academy of Guyana#} Academy of Reunion Island#} Academy of Lille#} Academy of Limoges#} Academy of Lyon#} Academy of Martinique#} Academy of Mayotte#} Academy of Montpellier#} Academy of Nancy-Metz#} Academy of Nantes#} Academy of Nice#} Academy of Normandy#} Academy of New Caledonia#} Academy of Orléans-Tours#} Academy of Paris #} Academy of Poitiers#} Academy of French Polynesia#} Academy of Reims#} Academy of Rennes#} Academy of Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon#} Academy of Strasbourg#} Academy of Toulouse#} Academy of Versailles#} Academy of Wallis and Futuna 20232022202120202019201820172016201520142013201220112010200920082007 The baccalaureate results map below allows you to access the results in one click. Go to an academy's results page. This map is colored according to the provisional success rates, visible on hover. These success rates are calculated by us. based on data provided by the Ministry of Education*.

  • Aix-Marseille Academy
  • Amiens Academy
  • Besançon Academy
  • Academy of Bordeaux
  • Academy of Clermont-Ferrand
  • Academy of Corsica
  • Academy of Créteil
  • Academy of Dijon
  • Academy of Grenoble
  • Academy of Guadeloupe
  • Academy of Guyana
  • Academy of Reunion
  • Academy of Lille
  • Academy of Limoges
  • Academy of Lyon
  • Academy of Martinique
  • Academy of Mayotte
  • Academy of Montpellier
  • Academy of Nancy-Metz
  • Academy of Nantes
  • Academy of Nice
  • Academy of Normandy
  • Academy of New Caledonia
  • Academy of Orléans-Tours
  • Academy of Paris
  • Academy of Poitiers
  • Academy of French Polynesia
  • Academy of Reims
  • Academy of Rennes
  • Academy of Saint-Pierre and Miquelon
  • Academy of Strasbourg
  • Academy of Toulouse
  • Academy of Versailles
  • Academy of Wallis and Futuna
  • Paris (75000)
  • Marseille (13000)
  • Lyon (69000) )
  • Toulouse (31000)
  • Nantes (44000)
  • Bordeaux (33000)
  • Rennes (35000)
  • < /ul>

    • Strasbourg (67000)
    • Nice (06000)
    • Montpellier (34000)
    • Tours (37000)
    • Caen (14000)
    • Brest (29200)
    • Dijon (21000)
    • Angers (49000)
    • Amiens (80000)
    • Reims (51100)
    • Orléans (45000)
    • < li>Metz (57000)

    • Clermont (63000)
    • Lille (59350)

    All baccalaureate results city by city < /strong>

    As a reminder, you must have obtained a grade equal to or higher than 10/20 to obtain the baccalaureate. Beyond that, some may obtain a mention.

    *Each candidate must expressly authorize at the beginning of the year the publication of their name on approved websites, via a signed document, to appear in these results. Not all candidates for the baccalaureate therefore appear in our lists. The names of candidates who failed à the first session or being subject to catch-up are otherwise only available at the end of the year. individual title.

    It is important to keep in mind that the marks of each candidate are completely confidential and that only this title, they are at; find it on the Cyclades space of the official website of the ministry, by entering your username and password.

    If the results of the baccalaureate on the Internet allow you to know directly whether you are admitted or not, with or without honors, applicants for the 2023 baccalaureate must also go to an examination center to collect their diploma and their report card, or find out more about walking to school. follow in case of catch-up or failure.

    The baccalaureate results of the second group (following the catch-up oral exams) are not communicated in one block to each other. a specific date. They are revealed “over time” during the catch-up session, which took place from Wednesday July 5 to Friday July 7, 2023 inclusive. The retake results are most often available in the afternoon of the same day the oral exams are taken. The names of the new winners have therefore been included in our admitted lists, which can be consulted from our search engine.

    Since mid-April, candidates for the 2023 baccalaureate can consult the grades obtained at the 2023 baccalaureate. The outcome of the two specialty tests, taken at the end of March 2023. To access it, candidates must go through the Cyclades platform, provided with their identifier and their password.

    These baccalaureate results are also integrated into your studies. the Parcoursup platform, because they are taken into account in the file of Terminale who wish to integrate training in higher education. This first result of the 2023 baccalaureate is not insignificant. It represents, with the coefficients, a little more than 30% of the overall mark of the baccalaureate.

    The results of the anticipated tests of the French baccalaureate are communicated ;s in the first half of July. Their publication times are given on the websites of the different academies. Candidates can view their results online on their academy website by logging in with their personal identifier. They also receive their transcript. notes by mail. For more information on the French baccalaureate this year, find on Linternaute.com our special page dedicated to the results of the French baccalaureate, with dates and times by academy.

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