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Result of the 2023 patent: results by academy

“2023 patent result: results by academy”

The result of the national patent diploma (DNB) 2023 is now known. The lists of those admitted to the college certificate are accessible on the Internet, free of charge, in one click.

The result of the 2023 patent was unveiled between Tuesday July 5 and Tuesday July 11, in all academies in France. The Ministry of Education communicated à At this stage a provisional success rate of 89.1%, a figure up 1.4 points compared to the previous year. the previous year. Some 756,100 third-year middle school students were thus trained. admitted to the college diploma.

The results of the 2023 patent show 27.9% of candidates received with a very good grade, 23.4% with a good grade and 19.7% with a fairly good grade. 18% of middle school students therefore obtained their certificate without distinction. By sector, the 2023 patent leads to: 90% admitted to the general stream, the highest success rate, up 1.5 points compared to the previous year. the previous edition. Candidates for the professional certificate have a 78.1% success rate.

The lists of graduate candidates are accessible, by academy and by city thanks to the engine and to the website. the map below. Also discover the name of a candidate for free thanks to our search engine.

Patent results are accessible using the search engine below. It allows you to find the lists of those admitted to an academy or a city. It is also possible to enter the name of a candidate directly into the engine to find their result. Academy#} Academy of Aix-Marseille#} Academy of Amiens#} Academy of Besançon#} Academy of Bordeaux#} Academy of Clermont-Ferrand#} Academy of Corsica#} Academy of Créteil#} Academy of Dijon#} Academy of Grenoble#} Academy of Guadeloupe#} Academy of Guyana#} Academy of Reunion Island#} Academy of Lille#} Academy of Limoges#} Academy of Lyon#} Academy of Martinique#} Academy of Mayotte#} Academy of Montpellier#} Academy of Nancy-Metz#} Academy of Nantes#} Academy of Nice#} Academy of Normandy#} Academy of New Caledonia#} Academy of Orléans-Tours#} Academy of Paris #} Academy of Poitiers#} Academy of French Polynesia#} Academy of Reims#} Academy of Rennes#} Academy of Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon#} Academy of Strasbourg#} Academy of Toulouse#} Academy of Versailles#} Academy of Wallis and Futuna 202320222021202020192018201720162015 The college patent results map below provides one-click access to the college certificate results. Go to an academy's results page. This map is colored according to the provisional success rates, visible on hover. These success rates are calculated by us. based on data provided by the Ministry of Education*.

  • Academy of Aix-Marseille
  • Academy of Amiens
  • Academy of Besançon
  • Academy of Bordeaux
  • Academy of Clermont-Ferrand
  • Academy of Corsica
  • Academy of Créteil
  • Academy of Dijon
  • Academy of Grenoble
  • Academy of Guadeloupe
  • Academy of Guyana
  • Academy of Reunion
  • Academy of Lille
  • Academy of Limoges
  • < li>Academy of Lyon

  • Academy of Martinique
  • Academy of Mayotte
  • Academy of Montpellier
  • Academy of Nancy-Metz
  • Academy of Nantes
  • Academy of Nice
  • Academy of Normandy
  • Academy of New Caledonia
  • Academy of Orléans-Tours
  • Paris Academy
  • Poitiers Academy
  • Academy of French Polynesia
  • Academy of Reims
  • Academy of Rennes
  • Academy of Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon
  • Academy of Strasbourg
  • Academy of Toulouse
  • Academy of Versailles
  • Academy of Wallis and Futuna
  • Paris (75000)
  • Marseille (13000)
  • Lyon (69000)
  • Toulouse (31000)
  • Nantes (44000) )
  • Bordeaux (33000)
  • Rennes (35000)
  • Strasbourg (67000)
  • Nice (06000)
  • Montpellier (34000)
  • Tours (37000)
  • Caen (14000) )
  • Brest (29200)
  • Dijon (21000)
  • Angers (49000)
  • Amiens (80000)
  • Reims (51100)
  • Orléans (45000)
  • Metz (57000)
  • Clermont (63000)
  • Lille (59000)

All results of the patent city by city

*The results of the certificate only concern 3rd grade students who have been qualified. registered for the tests. The lists of those admitted only include college students who have accepted the program. that their first and last name appear in our pages, as in those of other approved sites, publishing these lists.

The patent is noted out of 800 points in total, combining continuous assessment and end-of-year tests. A minimum of 400 points is required to obtain the diploma.

Continuous assessment is taken into account in grading, including projects completed in class, à like the EPI (Interdisciplinary Practical Teaching). The assessment of the common core is based on eight skills, each assessed in the school booklet. across four point levels:

  • 10 pointsfor “insufficient” mastery
  • 25 points for “fragile” mastery
  • 40 points for “satisfactory” work
  • 50 points for “very good” work master's degree

If the student has collected 50 points everywhere, he accumulated the maximum possible for the continuous assessment part of the certificate, i.e. 400 points (as a reminder, this is half of the total points for the diploma). Consult the details of the common core skills on the website of the Ministry of National Education.

The final examinations for the college certificate therefore represent "only" half of the total patent scale each year, graded out of 400 points. As a reminder, there are five: the four writings of French, mathematics, history-geography/moral and civic education and sciences, as well as an oral test . This consists of a presentation; of 15 minutes divided into in two parts: 5 minutes of presentation of a worked project during the year and 10 minutes of interview with the jury. The project presented was worked during interdisciplinary practical lessons or the third-year internship in a company.

How to obtain a mention in the college certificate?

The three mentions in the college certificate correspond to the point levels obtained above and beyond of the average of 400 points out of 800:

  • Mention fairly good: more than 480 points
  • Mention < strong>good: more than 560 points
  • Mention very good: more than 640 points

Mentions “regional language”, “college series, international option” and "Franco-German option" also exist. More information at This subject on the Onisep website, the National Information Office on Education and Professions, a public establishment under the supervision of the Ministry of Education. education.

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