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-30% on a Dyson? The crazy official store for Black Friday

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Everyone knows the Dyson brand, the great specialist in cordless vacuum cleaners. If the atypical design of the products is a distinctive element, it is above all the effectiveness of the product that is highlighted. Every year, the British company announces a new iteration of its product with ever crazier performances. The competition is at best copying, when it is not being dumped.

With such performance, it is also understandable that Dyson vacuum cleaners are more expensive than average. You have to budget for such a product, but the comfort provided is incalculable until you have had such a product in your hands. Furthermore, the brand is very generous for Black Friday: .

While it almost never did promotions in the past, the brand decided to make an effort this year for Black Friday. All offers are available since Friday, November 3, provided you enter your email address on the site's home page.

This allows you to benefit from low prices – provided stock is available. In the past, there were almost no vacuum cleaners on the site during Black Friday due to lack of stock. It's best not to wait too long – since the prices are those of Black Friday. And if you need to make sure the product lives up to your expectations, Dyson gives you a 100-day money-back guarantee. It also guarantees the best price and reimburses you the difference if you find better elsewhere.

Which Dyson vacuum cleaner to choose on Black Friday?

Choosing a Dyson vacuum cleaner is not an easy thing when you don't follow the evolution of the range over the years. Indeed, Dyson releases a new model almost every year, so you have to stay up to date. Logically, each new model is more powerful and innovative than the previous one, so the price is also higher.

If you want the latest addition to the range, you will have to turn to the Dyson Gen5 Detect. This is the cordless, bagless broom vacuum cleaner that deserves all the superlatives: it is ultra-powerful (280 AW), ultra-durable (70 minutes in normal mode) and it even has a Optif Fluffy brush with a built-in laser to detect all small particles. This pleasure has a price – certainly gentler for Black Friday: .

But the high-end vacuum cleaner most popular with the general public still remains the Dyson V15 Detect. This is the previous generation model which still comes with very premium features. For Black Friday, the value for money is even crazier: . It also includes the Optic Fluffy brush with laser, a power of 240 AW and an autonomy of 60 minutes. This is our favorite for Black Friday 2023.

If the Dyson V11 Total Clean is also at a reduced price, it is of little interest compared to the Dyson V15 Detect (much more efficient) and the Dyson V8 (much more affordable). For those on a very limited budget, the Dyson V8 remains unbeatable with shocking value for money for Black Friday: . Its power (115 AW) and autonomy (40 minutes) are lower than those of more premium models, but it remains an excellent choice for everyday use.

Other Dyson products at low prices

At Dyson, stick vacuum cleaners are undoubtedly the kings of the range. That said, the English brand has also developed other devices that offer air control as effective as its vacuum cleaners. And luckily, for Black Friday you can find discounts on everything. We can cite, for example, its famous Dyson Supersonic hair dryers, its straighteners and its air purifiers. They all benefit from advantageous discounts that you haven't seen throughout the rest of the year.

If Black Friday officially takes place from Friday November 24, Dyson has decided this year to start the operation sooner. Officially, you will need to enter your email address to access early Black Friday offers. These offers will be the same throughout the month, provided that stock is still available. Rather than waiting until the last moment, it is better to secure it now. Even if you give it as a Christmas gift, the 100-day “money-back guarantee” will allow you to return it beyond the end of year holidays.

To see the Black Friday offers, click here:

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