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Who is Lynx, the French startup that wants to fight against the giants of virtual reality?

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The Lynx R-1 is finally here; it is the very first mixed reality headset of French origin. An honorary title to say the least when you see who is opposite. Juggernauts like Apple with its Vision Pro, or Meta and its Meta Quest 3. The Lynx R-1 has serious advantages, and there is ample reason to compare this corporate duel to a modern remake of David against Goliath .

Lynx and its avant-garde bet on mixed reality

If this technology found itself in the spotlight with the announcement of the ;Apple Vision pro, Lynx was on the scene long before. Its CEO, Stan Larroque, was the guest of the show Tech&Co on October 30. He explained that his team had already been working on mixed reality since 2017.

As a reminder, a mixed reality headset (or AR headset) is a device similar to a virtual reality headset (VR headset). Simply, it is capable of superimposing virtual elements on the real world when you wear it on your head. If a playful use can be made of it, other very interesting applications are already being considered: education and training, design, engineering or industry.

Jean -Michel Jarre, also present during the Tech&Co show, expressed his support for the Lynx R-1. He said that the helmet really has something special compared to its competitors: “The Lynx is a concept that has its own identity. What is interesting is to show that there is a possibility of installing a brick of sovereignty in this area. Whether in terms of software and hardware“.

A well-equipped headset

The big advantage of the Lynx R-1 is its absence of cables, unlike the Apple Vision Pro for example. A much more open design which ensures increased comfort for users. Anyone who has ever tried a VR headset can attest to the relative inconvenience that the forest of cables connecting the device to a computer can represent. An excellent point for the Lynx R-1.

Stan Larroque tested the Apple Vision Pro, and his test reassured him about the quality of his product. The price difference is significant between the two products: $3,500 in the USA for the basic version of Apple's headset, while the Lynx R-1 is marketed at 1,300 euros.

According to the CEO, his product, although less expensive, is largely capable of finding a place in the sun and its performance is more than honorable. An ambitious project which is finally coming to fruition, and which could overshadow the American giants. We say bravo! It's not every day that a French company can boast of reaching this stage.

  • Lynx, a start-up -up, releases the very first VR/AR headset: the Lynx R-1.
  • The company had already been exploring this technology since 2017, well before Apple or Meta.
  • < li>The headset is completely wireless, and is sold for 1,300 euros.

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