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A complaint filed against the Stanislas school for homophobia: the exclusion of a student in question

The Stop Homophobia and Mousse Associations have taken action complaint, Friday January 26, against the former management of the private school establishment under Stanislas contract, for "discrimination linkedé sexual orientation.

The controversy surrounding private college under contract Stanislas continues. Two associations have announcedé having worn complaint for "discrimination linkedé sexual orientation, this Friday January 26 against the former management of the private college Parisian. The Stop Homophobia and Mousse associations underline in particular, in a press release; common, that catechesis courses, obligatory within the establishment, would have been included. "carried out without control", with "speakers who make homophobic, anti-abortion speeches and promote conversion therapies" . Their statement also reports that a first year student would have been  ;excluded because she would have opposed homophobic comments. According to her father, a manager at the establishment allegedly "harassed"her." nbsp;An event which was the subject of an inspection report. This states that the ' The student had positions that were assimilated to those of others. activism on homosexuality, due, among other things, to an LGBT sweater that the student wears refused to withdraw", indicates an email from the manager éwritten to " its hierarchy.

Terrence Katchourian, general secretary of Stop Homophobia, welcomes this complaint : she   ;quot;will allow the police services to conduct a thorough investigation & inside the school establishment, in order to shed light on the LGBTphobic actions of the management. ;nbsp;

A report points to "sexist and homophobic excesses"

The complaint of the two associations is based in particular on article 225-2 of the Penal Code which represses "discriminatory refusals of & #39;access private education services. A complaint that echoes Mediapart's revelations on January 17. The student would have been awarded the 3rd prize of excellence in 2022, but would not have been able to follow her final year at Stanislas. The management would have qualifiedé the girl from "toxic". The independent site had revealed a report produced as part of an administrative investigation, submitted to the Ministry of Education on August 1, 2023. We learn in this one "the drifts" sexists and homophobes of the private establishment.

The Minister of Education and Sports, Amélie Oudéa-Castéra, who attends school there his children, had assuredé that this report did not reveal “any fact of homophobia nor any case of harassment”. 3 500 &eac; ves, from kindergarten to preparatory classes, are educated at Stanislas. The establishment has been at the heart of a controversy since Amélie&nbsp ;Oudéa-Castéra attempté to explain why his children go to school there. 

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