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Stanislas School: what the damning report from the Ministry of National Education contains

A report from the General Inspectorate of National Education targets the Stanislas school, a private education establishment in Paris. Catholic où The children of Am&lie Oudéa-Castéra are in school. Homophobia, sexism… The document is damning.

Tuesday January 16, 2024, the newspaper Médiapart decided to publish in full a report from the General Inspectorate of National Education, dated of July 2023, regarding an administrative investigation targeting the private education establishment Stanislas Catholic, a school in which the Minister of Education, Améie Oudéa-Castéra had admitted having enrolled her children. This 30-page document was created. handed over to the Ministry of Education "last August 1" indicates Médiapart.

The inspection mission heard or met with no less than 106 people to conduct this investigation. From the diocesan director of Catholic education in Paris, to the staff and students of Stanislas, including prefects, librarians and even four inspectors from the first and of the second degree of the Paris Academy responsible for monitoring Stanislas College. A report which castigates the establishment which welcomes 3& nbsp;500 students from kindergarten to preparatory classes. 

Mandatory catechism classes

À Stanislas, all students must follow a weekly hour of catechism, from kindergarten to preparatory classes, whether they are Catholic or not , under penalty of exclusion. Which represents a first deviation in the application of the association contract with the State. According to the law, religious classes and exercises remain optional in private life. under contract. However, the Stanislas college-high school requires registration to “adherence to the “Christian formation” component. quot; of the &eac;educational"project. The inspection mission notes that the Christian formation courses are “presented by the management and supervision of Stanislas as a cultural contribution in the training of the student. 

Homophobic and anti-abortion comments

Classes during which speakers make homophobic, anti-abortion remarks and “promote conversion therapies”, which falls under the pé nal. Some catechists ask for help. "forgive rapists". "Abortion means (…) always voluntarily killing an innocent human person" can we read. Children who are not baptized are promised that they will be “damned” and will go away. hell. This is a "tendency to proselytize" according to some parents interviewed. A report was also made. carried out to the inspection mission for homophobic remarks made by a catechist. In January 2023, he would have spoken; of "sodomy which brings AIDS, of homosexualityé which is a sin, which is an illness that comes from the fact that mom cheated on her. dad". A witness also indicates that "if one felt homosexual, one had to seek treatment in a religious structure in Canada".

The inspectors noted that: that only one teacher in the establishment respects the official programs by covering contraception in 4th and 3rd grade classes. The content of lessons related to sexuality is only partially informed on the school's digital platform. Certain emotional education courses, which replace sex education courses, are provided. It's a "bias" distance from sexuality&eac;" for the mission. Some SVT teachers also do not address the issues inherent to sexually transmitted infections, denounce the inspectors. As well as the absence of emergency contraception in the establishment.

Sexism greatly pointed out finger

The éviolent" of Stanislas is also denounced in the report. "Their goal is for students to give the best of themselves, not by encouraging them, but by belittling them" explains an inspector. A student in preparatory class in 2020 and 2021 talks in particular about repeated thoughts about her clothing.

The mission also believes that Stanislas' management maintains sexist stereotypes. "The mission reveals over twenty years a concern with the appearance of the female body, which must be hidden: opaque clothing , shoulders (covered), stomach (high to lower hips), thighs (length of skirts and dresses), chest (no neckline). This level of detail smacks of sexism. Finally, the place of boys and the culture of non-mixity prôn&eac;e à Stanislas could "promote a climate conducive to & homophobia" according to inspectors. In high school, the ability to The reception area of ​​the boys' boarding school has 130 beds, only 26 beds are dedicated to girls. The proportion is 473 to 98 in preparatory classes. A staff member interviewed even recognizes that homophobia was "openly assumed" at the time of the Manif pour tous. 

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