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Most 16-24 year olds lack this basic knowledge of history, especially Hitler

According to a recent survey, many young French people have significant deficiencies in the history of France and Europe. Some have never heard of the Holocaust.

It's time to delve back into your history books. Torture for some, overflowing passion for others, history lessons however have two advantages: working on your gray matter and ;develop your general culture. Which is not a luxury these days, especially after the release of the latest PISA 2023 ranking, on December 5. This study evaluates students on several tests, specifically the comprehension of # 39; written, mathematical and scientific culture. Unfortunately, the news is not good for France. She finishes à 23rd place in this ranking and falls heavily in mathematics.

Mathematics and French are not the only subjects in which young French people experience significant difficulty. s. Their knowledge of history, and in particular concerning several essential historical events, leaves much to be desired. to desire. If we tell you, French Revolution, you answer ? 1789. Well according to the last survey OpinionWay for La Tribune on Sunday, published January 7, almost one in two young people between 16 and 24 years old (46%) are unable to date the French Revolution. The survey was carried out established on nearly a thousand young people aged 16 to 15 years old. 24 years old, representative of the population in this age category. And the results are edifying.

On the panel of respondents, 18% say, for example, that they have never heard of the Shoah, even though it has been taught since then ;elementary school and 63% say they know what it is. 60% of 16-24 year olds do not know that the Berlin Wall has fallen. in 1989 and almost two thirds (63%) are unaware that Adolf Hitler gained access to in power in Germany in 1933. Figures which, correlated with the results of the latest PISA ranking, suggest a certain drop in the level of French students, also in history.

The study carried out by political scientist Chloé Morin doesn’t stop there. 45% assure that Jews are more protected than Muslims by the authorities. Furthermore, 41% of respondents think that secularism is an issue. is intended for "discriminate" believers and particularly Muslims in France. Even more surprising, three out of ten young people who spend more than 8 hours a day on their phone express doubts about whether or not they can use their phone. the truthfulness of the genocide of the Jews. Finally, 23% do not know the date of the abolition of the death penalty: 1981.

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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