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Attal announces shock measures after Pisa 2023: certificate, maths, repeating... It's moving!

The Minister of National Education Gabriel Attal revealed Tuesday, December 5, 2023, its new measures to raise the level of French students. Mathematics, repeating a year and moving to high school are particularly affected.

The essentials

  • Gabriel Attal presented this Tuesday the new measures aimed at raise the level of French students ç school.
  • Condition the transition to high school ée obtaining the college certificate;
  • The creation of level groups in mathematics and French from 2024; 
  • Giving the last word to teachers concerns whether a student repeats a grade;
  • End academic fix for baccalaureate grades;
  • Create a new test dedicated to mathematics for the end of 1st grade in 2025/2026;
  • Implement labeling of primary school textbooks;
  • Establish support for high school students with the help of artificial intelligence ' the house for mathematics and French.
  • These government announcements support the latest international PISA ranking reporting the level of 15-year-old students from 85 countries and ;eacute;voilé by the OECD. This report highlights the difficulties of French students in French and mathematics in recent years.

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The results of the Pisa ranking established by the OECD are not good for France in 2023. During the previous & According to the edition published in 2019, France was in the world average (23rd place), already above the global average (23rd place). far behind China, a solid leader. In 2023, France ranks 29th in reading comprehension and 26th in mathematics. This ranking is more than disappointing and the difficulty of this ranking is more than disappointing. of the French educational system çagrave; promote equality opportunities by reducing the impact of social origin on success explains in particular the series of measurements announced by Gabriel Attal , jointly &agrav; the release of the Pisa international ranking. In France, 60% of school time is spent studying. &agrav; teaching. Which makes it number one among the OECD countries. A figure that does not allow you to stand out in a subject like mathematics, or in a discipline like reading where France remains below average. 

Voilà why, the Minister of National Education Gabriel Attal made strong choices. During his press conference on Tuesday December 5, 2023, he announced: a series of measures intended to raise the level of French students. First, the end of the academic correction for the baccalaureate grades, the conditioning for the transition to high school & Obtaining the college certificate. Then, teachers will now have the last word on whether a student repeats a year. Also, three groups of levels will be set up in French and mathematics at the same time. from the start of the 2024 school year for 6th and 5th grade classes. The same organization will be put in place in 2025 for 4th and 3rd grade classes. A new test dedicated to mathematics and science. scientific culture for the baccalaureate at the end of the 1st year (general and technological) will be created for the start of the 2025/2026 school year. primary school textbooks will be introduced. Finally, all new high school students will be accompanied by an artificial intelligence tool for remediation or deepening. at home, in French and mathematics.

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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