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A song against middle school groups, “Where do we put this one ?”

On YouTube, the video posted at the beginning of March went viral. "The chaos of knowledge" of the De Nivo group sharply criticizes the reform of the Attal government, which wants the establishment of level groups in college.

The teaching world is mobilizing à new this Tuesday, March 19, 2024. The question of salaries will, of course, be on the table, but many teachers will also take advantage of the opportunity to repeat all their ;eacute;satisfaction with the  device known as the "clash of knowledge" by Gabriel Attal. In their viewfinder, more particularly, the measure concerning the famous "level groups". A measure, included in the decree published in the Official Journal this Sunday, that the unions would greatly like to see abandoned, just like the De Nivo group whose song "Le Chaos des savoirs" has been making the buzz for two weeks on YouTube. 

The group of teachers in Loire-Atlantique has indeed chosen to protest thanks to the music. In reaction to this this reform, which is very poorly perceived by teachers who fear the stigmatization of students, the group of teachers from the college age Ren&eac;-Guy from the commune of Montoir-de-Bretagne, near Saint-Nazaire, accompanied by colleagues; gues de Nantes and de Rezé, posted  on YouTube, on March 2, a video in which he covers the song Les Gens qui donts by the French singerçAnne Sylvestre, renowned Le Chaos des savoirs, the title takes up Gabriel Attal's expression of the "clash of knowledge". The lyrics of the song represent the arguments of teachers who oppose these level groups, for example: "The groups are à 30, we don't even have room to put a stool; there would still be a class where ù there are only 15 of them, it's the group of bad ones." After several repetitions of the chorus "this one& agrave; we put it where ù ?, this one has we put it whereù ?"; the song concludes with a sentence reflecting the opposition of the teachers to the measure: "We don'we don'level for the level groups."

The song performed by the group De Nivo had exceededé the 25,000 views on the platform on Wednesday March 13. The teachers did not expect so much, as they specified to the Ouest- France: "We said to ourselves that 1 000 views for our little song would already be a big success! not bad…" One of the members of the group, Elena Bascou, a French teacher, even confided to the media: "We wanted to get the message across to families." “Classifying according to a level is simplistic, the students are richer than that,” she added. Monday March 18, the video had 106,000 views.

This controversial reform should come into force from the start of the school year in September 2024 in colleges for él& sixth and fifth grade students. It concerns French and mathematics courses and, as pointed out' oacute; the Prime Minister to the AFP, the latter would like these groups to become more frequent than entire classes. 

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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